Uganda 0213 Update # 1

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“For the love of Christ compels me….” Colossians 5:14

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself headed back to Uganda only 3 weeks after returning with the team but here I am on a plane headed for Frankfurt, Germany. For those of you who don’t know our trip called “Uganda 1212” was from December 27th to January 12th. Carol and I were privileged to lead an incredible team of 18 people from our church to Midigo, Uganda on the northern border with Sudan (see the team blog at

Now, I am on leg 2 of a 5 leg journey that will take me through Germany, Khartoum, Sudan (for an hour), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and then on to Entebbe, Uganda where I will wait seven hours before boarding a small plane to Northern Uganda for 1 1/2 hours finished off by a 3 hour drive to Midigo. As I ponder this 42 hour journey a thought comes to me, “are you crazy?!”  My only answer to that is Colossians 5:14 says it all. I am compelled by Christ love to go.

One of my closest friends Dr./Pastor Juventine Emuku is leaving Midigo in July after 12 years of faithful service, to plant an new church and medical work in Central Uganda. He has been such a servant of God to the people of this area both physically and spiritually. Thanks to his willing service, God has done miracles to reduce the maternal and neonatal mortality rate in the area. The church, Calvary Chapel of Midigo has grown from only he and his nurse to a church of a few hundred that has planted two other churches and is about to plant a third. Juventine gave up a successful private practice in the city 12 years to come to one of the most rural parts of Uganda, an area that is largely unreached and anywhere from 95 to 99% Muslim, some of the most radical in the nation. He gave up success by the world’s standards to live in a tent and treat those who had been forgotten by society. Out of this, God grew a hospital and a church that is thriving. Now, God is moving him on.

I am going to participate in some meetings with community, government, hospital and church members to help work through the process of transition. Not as an expert, or as someone that is leading an NGO (non-governmental organization), or any kind of authority, but just as a friend. I have been coming to this area for 14 years and I know and love so many of the people here. It is the love of Christ for them, for the lost, for the hopeless and the hurting that is drawing me back. I want to see the Gospel furthered, I want to see the work continue, I want to see the church maturing, and I know that it is only through Christ that this will happen.

One of the ministries working in this area for the past few years, Promise Child, has asked me to come with them to sit in on the meetings. Pastor Brent Kaser, the director of Promise Child is another close friend of mine. He too loves the people and Promise Child has invested heavily in the lives of the children here. They have done an incredible job here and the Lord has used them to bring education and the love of Christ to the children of the area. I am blessed to be able to go and play whatever part the Lord would have me to play.

When I returned from Uganda on the 12th of January, Carol and I both had such a sense that our work in Uganda was not finished but we did not know what was next. Then through my pastor and again in my daily devotions I got Exodus 3:10.

“10 Come now, therefore, and I will send  you to Pharaoh that you may bring My  people, the children of Israel, out of  Egypt.”

The words, “come now,” and “I will send you” really hit me but I did not realize until after I agreed to return on this trip that the Lord was literally saying, “come now,” right now. So here I am on the way.

Please pray for the following:

1. God’s traveling mercies for myself, and the team from Promise Child that just arrived yesterday from the US.  
2. Prayer for Janay, a missionary from Calvary Chapel of West Grove who is moving to Midigo long term.
3. Prayer for strength and alertness during the meetings.
4. Prayer for insight and discernment into all the issues of the transition.
5. Pray that God would send a dedicated doctor to take Juventine’s place.
6. Pray for wisdom for Juventine as he goes off to plant Calvary Chapel of Sorotti. This will be the 4th church plant growing out of CC Midigo.

I am blessed and humbled to have the privilege of going and being a just a small part of a mighty work of God.

In my devotions this morning I got Isaiah 35:3-4
And Judges 6:14.  

Isaiah 35:3-4 (NKJV)  – “3  Strengthen the weak hands,  And make firm the feeble knees.  4  Say to those  who are fearful-hearted,  “Be strong, do not fear!””

Judges 6:14 (NKJV) – 14  “Then the LORD turned to him and said,  “Go in this might of yours, ….. Have I not sent you?””

Lord, here am I, send me.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Gary

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