Uganda 0213 Update #6

Today we went for a meeting with the Yumbe District leaders. The first man we met was James who was the Secretary of Social Services. He is the lone Christian among the executive council and he asked for our prayers as things can be very difficult for him.

He said they heard of the work that was done with the last team in the medical clinics and veterinary programs and are very happy with the results. Many of the people were very happy that we not only cared for their people but also their animals. They were very happy with the work that had been done.

There is a real gap in what is able to be done by the government.

He said, Calvary Chapel is unique in the district in terms of their care for the people.

James said the greatest need is for the Gospel as this is really an unreached area.

The medical and educational work being done in Midigo is very historic in terms of this area and so very promising.  Pastor Brent told him that Janay Hamrick the missionary from Calvary Chapel of Westgrove is going to be teaching education and computer science.  He said that this has never been done before and is not even in the secondary schools. 

We then went to meet the Chief Executive Officer of the district.

Pastor Brent said that what has been done was in the name and love of Christ.

The CAO said he was very humbled by the work that had been done. He said the 13 years Dr. Emuku was here has contributed to our stability. It shows the commitment that Calvary Chapel has to care for people. You came first when everyone else was running away. He said again that he was humbled and happy with what you are doing. His own secretary is taking her child to the boarding school in Midigo. He sees that he will have to come himself and see the facility for himself.

People of Midigo talk about Calvary Chapel with very peaceful hearts.

He then asked us to close the meeting in prayer. Pastor Brent prayed in the name and love of Jesus.

(If this is a repeat email or the first time getting an update and you would like the past updates please let me know. I have to be very creative on how I send this due to the connection being so sporadic)
Pastor Gary

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