Update from Pastor Dan in Japan

Hello Everyone,

I pray you are all well and Some have been wondering what is going on? The Lord is good. One praise is that one of my students that I have been teaching for two years is now a regular at our midweek Bible Study. This has been a huge answer to prayer. Just to get someone to open a Bible and read is a miracle but to sit and to listen to teaching is very exciting. We are praying for her salvation. She is very close but is on the shore of very deep culture that any wave could riptide them back into the world of Japan. I was always told of the strong ties of the culture in Japan. I had no idea. There is such a filial duty to family that they will blindly endure ancient traditions for the sake of the family. No one wants the dead relatives stuff on the shelf of their home but out of duty many will assume the duty of the ancestor care-taker. It is a grave dishonor to family and a great shame for someone to abandon the family gods and relatives graves. Today is the anniversary of the 311 disaster from two years ago. They country is still mourning and the problems are still very active including the radiation issues and depression and psychological issues. There are still many living in the temporary housing unable to move on. Pray for those in the centers and those that have relocated. Many of the relocated persons are having a hard time adjusting and suffer feeling of guilt. They have a survivor guilt. “Why did they die and I am still here?” A small few in number have committed suicide because of this. The record snow in the North has claimed several lives and a few homes collapsed from all the record snow. There is still radiation problems with 3 of the reactors still leaking but the media has virtually shut down all reporting. The outside organizations are angry at the handling of the situation but they are powerless to do any thing. The government is wanting to restart all 50 + reactors for Nuclear power. Even the two that were discovered sitting on top of fault lines. How is that for comfort? Mount Fuji is still a great concern as it has, after 100 years of being dormant, woken up with lots of small rumblings and tremors. They are still expecting another really big quake in the southern faults after the thousands of quakes in the north putting pressure on the other fault lines. North of Tokyo and South of Fukushima is a state called Ibaraki. It had a 6.0 two weeks ago that reminded us of all the problems. I so pray for Christ to intervene in this country. The people are so beautiful & evil, like everyone else but very beautiful as a creation of Jesus. He made them special and has of all nations I believe spent the most money and sent the best resources of all denominations to come and minister His gospel to this very lost nation. Keep praying for Japan. I cling to the verse in Jeremiah that says, “Is not my word like a rock that breaks apart the rock?” The word of God hammering away on this country is causing cracks like the fault lines and my prayer is for a great spiritual earthquake and an awakening of millions unto Christ.

Our new-used car broke last week. We were coming home from the hospital on the toll road and the overdrive began to slip so I went into 3rd gear. And soon it too started to spin freely. I pulled over and eased it into 2nd gear and slowly drove home. When I got home in our parking lot 1st, 3rd, and 4th, gears won’t work. We have now driven our car to the repair shop. The internet is telling us the year of our car has many transmission problems and it will cost too much. We just don’t have any extra money. This is going to be a God thing to either fix our car or to help us get a new one. Pray we will have wisdom in all this. He may want us to loose the car but it will take away the bread ministry and our ability to drive to the hospital in case of an emergency.

We are praying about the English Language school. We keep hanging on to it and each month some how some way we find what we need to pay our obligations. God is still working miracles. But we sometimes doubt and wonder is this God’s will? The church is still very small. The CCBC Tokyo Students and interns have been coming to do worship on Sunday mornings. We are praying for some outreach teams to come and do ministry here. Our outreach is what we can do. We will have an Easter Party the Saturday before Easter. Pray all goes well.

My brother-in-law John Jordan is coming at that time. We are so looking forward to his visit. I wish he’d bring his wife my sister but he is visiting here after some training meetings in Korea with church leaders there. John is the World Missions Pastor at Village Baptist Church in Beaverton Oregon. He is a fun guy with tons of knowledge and experience in missions. We are looking forward to some good fellowship and teaching and food together. Pray he has a blessed time.

Mihoko is working on our taxes both Japan and the US. She is our financial master. She runs a tight ship but because of that we are able to survive here. I am way too frivolous and wasteful. During her financial wizardry she is also working on translation of a few things. It has been slow as distractions and no time are the biggest challenges. She also has the Women’s study that is blessing many from other neighboring churches. It is really humbling to see that even among other churches there is a hunger for the word of God and they want to come to hear from Mihoko. I am proud of my wife. Pray Mihoko can finish taxes and translations. Pray for more ladies to be added to the Women’s Bible Study.

Kids are fine and healthy, they are already looking forward to Summer coming. Rachel surprised us and signed up for the ladies basketball team. She is in practice with her first game this Saturday. Pray she is safe and has fun. After transplant, the heart has no nerve to calm it down with electricity. So when the demand of the body gets the heart pumping it will take her a long time to calm down. She turns glowing red sometimes. She is just fine but needs to rest. Pray Rachel has fun in Basketball and maintains all her other studies.

I, Dan, am studying Japanese, teaching English classes and Bible studies. I am also passing out fliers intermittently as time allows to invite people to church and English classes. Pray I can meet those persons in need of salvation. I can waste time on people who have ulterior motives. Sounds weird but just pray that I’ll have the Spirit’s discernment. Pray against spiritual warfare. Because of my heart I can get discouraged. The enemies number one weapon is discouragement. Pray my eyes are all the time on Christ. When I have the proper perspective of Christ and obedience to him I’m fine. I still am experiencing times of culture shock and I get grumpy or whiny. But then I know Christians in the US without culture shock that are grumpy and whiny. Haha On a serious and sad note… I have to admit my failure dieting. For the fourth strait month I can’t shake the pounds I packed on back at Christmas time. I am struggling and finding I may have emotional stress that is balanced sadly by the comfort of food. Pray for me.

Pray for our Easter Outreach. For John’s coming to visit and help. For the kids to maintain good studies and no distractions. Pray for Mihoko to finish our taxes and translations. Pray for the Women’s studies. Pray for our car problem. Pray for Dan’s Japanese and teaching English and the Bible studies. Pray for connecting with the people God is working on. Pray we can see many more come to Christ. Pray for Handa San’s growth in Christ. Pray for the salvation of Japan. Pray for Dan to be a good boy dieting. Praise God for Masuoka san coming to Bible study pray for her salvation. Pray for the those trapped in addictions and that God would open doors for us to minister to them. Pray our car gets fixed, replaced, or dumped. Thank you all for praying.

Pastor Dan Bolinger
Calvary Chapel Iruma Japan

Ekimae Plaza 15-606
1-1-17 Kyouyoudai
Iruma, Saitama, Japan 358-0001

Isaiah 45:6 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that [there is] none beside me. I [am] the LORD, and [there is] none else.

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