Update from Steve and Kathy Bailey

Kathy and I are back in BKK after a great visit to Poipet, Cambodia.  We had great time with the kids at Mercy Ministries Foundation.  Kathy taught English to the kids, I worked with a couple of the team on a fairly major plumbing repair and cesspool dig.  Kathy went to the preschool with the team who shared The Lord.  Yesterday, Kathy and I met with Chomno of Cambodia Hope Organization (CHO) on some administrative matters he wanted us to address.  Kathy is going to prepare a tool called a Memorandum of Understanding for CHO, I will be preparing a volunteer policy for individuals and teams desiring to come  and serve at CHO.  We also had church last night (Friday night).  Jeff Henneforth of CC Poipet did a special evening service for our team at his church.  It was a nice time of worship and the Word.

We’re heading to Chiang Rai (CR), Thailand on Monday to do some marriage counseling and spend more time with Rose Martinez.  This s where we taught the marriage seminar last week.  It is also where Toni Randall, John’s aunt, served for a couple of year.  Several staff members expressed a desire to meet privately with us to discuss issues within their marriages.


In addition, Rose says she has a sheet of paper full of questions for us. So, we’ll spend a few days with her as well.   We will also spend a day or two with Marg (Chaing Saen Baby’s home) and David Nicholls another CC missionary who is in Thailand.

After a week in CR, we’ll head back to Poiprt.  We’ll be teaching the marriage seminar to the CHO staff that we taught in CR last week.  Then the week of 3/11, we’ll be heading all around Cambodia with Jeff and Rose.  We’ll visit the tribal villages along the Vietnam border, Water of Life Ministry (Randy Fleming) in Phnom Phen, then the coastal region, and other ministries those two have in mind.

I’m going to leave for something the next note.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

In Christ,

Steve and Kathy

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