18 March, 2013 13:44

Update from Steve and Kathy Bailey in Southeast Asia:

We just returned yesterday from the remote villages of northern Cambodia where we met up with two missionary teams who work with the Kringle tribes in the hills along Vietnam and Cambodia. These are very primitive tribes and one is working the language and translating the Bible. It was a wonderful open door to minister and be ministered to. As you know, there are many great works going on in the name of our Lord. It is refreshing to see and in some small way, partner with.

Listen, Lord bless you and Carol and the Family. Have a blessed weekend. Kathy and I, along with Jeff and Rose are driving today back to Poipet, Cambodia. (About 9 hours). Jeff has services tomorrow. On Monday Kathy teaches the Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit to the Ladies there and on Wednesday and Thursday Jeff and I teach a Biblical Leadership class. Please keep those opportunities in prayer for is if you will.

Yours in Christ,


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