Steve and Kathy’s Update

Here is the latest update from Steve and Kathy Bailey:

Hope all is well everyone at church.

We are both feeling well. It is amazing how the Lord has kept us so healthy since we left California.

We have two more teachings this week, on Wed. and Thurs. Please pray for those messages, for the Lord to direct them, and for those who are not saved to come to Jesus.

Tomorrow, we have a one day road trip to Siem Reap. It is treacherous driving here. Hard to explain how the roads work (or don’t work). No lanes, no lights, no rules. We saw a young women killed on our major road in a moto accident last week. Please pray for a safe round trip.

We are celebrating Easter at CC Poipet for its first Good Friday service, with communion and a special message followed by a Koinonia, and then again on Resurrection Sunday. Please pray for lots of folks to attend both days. Also, on Friday morning, at Cambodian Hope Organization morning devotions, we will have communion and gospel message for the staff. Please pray that it goes well. It will be the first time they have had communion during the morning devotions.

On Saturday, March 30, we have the day off, first day off in a long time. We have no plans right now except to rest, although we did hear about an outreach in a village.

We will spend more time with Mercy Ministries orphanage next week, and we are working with the leadership of Cambodian Hope Organization on organizational matters.

We leave Cambodia for Bangkok (crazy drive again) on 4/4 and then fly to Hanoi on 4/5, for 3 weeks in Vietnam. We will be watched closely in Vietnam and may not be able to post openly about the Lord. Please pray for our protection (personal and stuff) as we change countries and travel from the North of Vietnam to the South over the 3 week period from 4/5 to 4/22. On 4/22, we will fly to Paris.

We do not have lots of appointments in Vietnam. We hope to meet with Christians in Hanoi and Danang, and we will be meeting with ministry friends in Saigon. Please pray for divine appointments in Vietnam.

Thanks for praying and for being there so we can be here.

Kathy and Steve

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