Praise Report from the Bolingers in Japan

Hi everyone, Thank you all for your prayers and support of our recent problem. Our car’s transmission breaking just moved it into the lemon category and we got rid of it junking it. Now we are in a new renaissance of sorts walking. Back in 2008, when we moved here we were without a car and walked and rode bikes. Healthier for sure. Now walking is encouraged by my doc but not so much biking. I even applied to a health and fitness program in our city. They sent me to the doctor who said NO flexing muscles or exerting strain. There went that idea of loosing weight. But anyway, we were contacted by a brother in the Lord who has pledged us a car that is currently being used by someone else on another island. Now to figure out how to get it here? They say that it isn’t too expensive but we’ll see. That is a lot of distance from way down South. As far as the bread ministry we have family and neighbors who have volunteered to help us. We went to the mall the other night on the bus. It was actually relaxing.

Again thank you for your prayers, Keep praying we will get the car soon and that acquiring it will be inexpensive. God bless you all.

Dan and Mihoko

Pastor Gary
Assistant Pastor
Calvary Chapel SJC
31612 El Camino Real
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Ofc: (949)443-2572

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