Latest Prayer Request from Pastor Dan in Japan

Hello everyone God bless you as you pray for us. I got busy here and we are so thankful for what the Lord is doing. We prayed asking the Lord for the last several months should we stay or should we move. After 5 years here. Our fleece was bring people to church. We have much seed spread and shared with many and well we were thinking maybe the Lord has other plans. As we prayed and asked for prayer the Lord has brought some people to church. One that came was very special to me as She has been my student for almost three years. I told you about her last time and her challenges. I was a hold out on whether she is saved or not. She prayed the prayer but somethings were not clear and it is complicated but God knows. We prayed for her to come to church and she came this last week. Oh pray that she continues. She is now coming both Wednesdays and Sundays. This is a praise. She also has allowed us to use her car to continue the bread ministry. We were offered a car from Okinawa. After much prayer we have decided to wait. The problem with doing ministry is we are doing the ministry and ofter as ministers we are not allowing others to do the ministry because well … we do it. So this having no car has allowed Kazue to participate in the ministry. I have been walking a lot. The Doctor today said my heart is doing really great. he showed us the numbers that he was excited about and well, I am near normal. That is a safe place to be as a Calvary Missionary, (Near Normal). Handa San is coming and learning and studying the Bible so hard. Pray for the Lord to call this man into the ministry. He is right now just hungry for God. The military is active and moving troops around. We are losing a couple of students. Pray for replacements. We need that income. God is our provider and he is so creative. Each month is a miracle as we continue. Pray for extra provision. I know that sounds bad but we are just at the existing level. I want to build a stage and get some curtains and lighting and others stuff but we need you know what. If a church group wants to come and build a 5X5 mini portable stage and through up some Ikea lights he we’ll host you like totally. I just can’t pay for transportation. And you’ll eat Costco bread for breakfast Lunch and dinner. Mihoko is like so close to finishing the book she has been working on. We are praying and excited to see what the Lord will do with this. More details later. Pray He will give us wisdom on the best way to distribute this. Women’s study in Revelation this month continuing. God is so good as women are excited to learn things most Christians in Japan don’t read. Pray for my (Dan) Japanese new Language classes. In one of the classes I am taught by an elderly man. He is hard to understand. I am sounding like him saying, "Eh, WHAT WAS THAT?" Only in Japanese. Pray for peace with my neighbor who has a noisy dog. I tried to peaceably ask for them to consider us. It caused the man to blow up and yell at me "Go home foreigner." This is the first time I have ever had this kind of opposition. The police were called out not by me and we had to give a report. Surprisingly our other neighbors support us and me. I see this as the enemy. the neighbor can be a nice man but he likes to drink and is by that influence loud with his wife, kid, and dog. We get to hear it all. Pray for his salvation. Continue to pray for my Dad. He fell and had bleeding on the brain and had to have holes drilled into his head to drain the blood. He survived after a urinary tract infection. He is home and resting. After a couple of weeks immovable in the bed he is very weak. My sister had her husband installed the handicap rails in the shower and bathrooms. My mom is very worried about him. My sister says things have changed and he is not the same man. Oh how mean and nasty getting old is. My Father is a man with dignity and he testified himself that he has lost that. Pray for his full recovery. God bless you all thank you for praying.

God bless you all


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