Jessica Mahoff in Colombia

Here is the newest update from Jessica Mayhoff our missionary in Colombia.

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts You. Isaiah 26:3

Hello again from Bogota! The last couple of months have been very busy with my family visiting, new ministry, decision making, and all of the things I normally do! Also, this week my goal is to open a blog. I want to post prayer requests, updates, and just be more in contact with all of you!


I want to start with saying thank you to all the people who sent me goodies and gifts with my parents! It was a blessing and very special to me to receive cards, candy, and gifts from all of you! We had an amazing time the week that they were here. We got to visit all of the different areas of the ministry and the kids were all VERY excited to meet them and are still talking about how much I look like my mom. We also got to do some touristy things and Fabian, the volunteers, and myself were spoiled with some dinners out to restaurants that we don’t normally get to go to. I was able to take some days off while they were here and although we were all very tired after a week of going from place to place I felt refreshed and extremely blessed by their visit. Also, I love that they loved Colombia. It is like the ads say, the only danger is that you will want to stay.


God is a faithful provider! My friend moved out shortly after my last letter and we weren’t  sure if we would have to look for another place or not. We talked with the lady that owns the house and she very graciously told us that we could stay and did not have to cover the other persons rent. She is thinking about selling the house and moving into something smaller but said that she will stay here until the end of the year and that we are welcome to as well. So we are still in the same place and feel blessed to not have to move again and love being in a home where we feel safe. God provided (through some of you) a new refrigerator and a stove. Thank you! When I went to look at refrigerators I realized that they were more expensive than I originally thought but I found the one that I wanted and I prayed over it and for it that God would provide the money to buy it. I can’t imagine what the sales people thought of the gringa praying over  refrigerator.  Well, literally about 15 minutes after leaving the store I received a phone call from my mom telling me that right then someone had brought her money to help buy the things for my house. With what I had received earlier and that day it was exactly what I needed for the refrigerator and the stove! God heard and He provided! The only things left to buy were plates, cups, pots and pans, and a few other house things. The day that Fabian and I went to buy the refrigerator and stove they were on sale and with the extra money was exactly what I needed to buy the missing items. When I went to the register to pay it rang up to the exact amount that I had! I feel so loved and provided for by God and I give thanks to each of you that He used to do it!


For about a year or so we have been talking and praying about re-opening our drop-in center. It is a place where kids can come off the streets to eat, bathe, hear about Jesus, and be in a safe place for a few hours each day. We had to close it a few years ago due to health inspections, lack of staff, and a few other problems. But it has always been in the ministries heart to re-open. It is one of my favorite phases of the ministry and since returning from Peru I have told the leaders that I would love to be a part of it. Over the last month or so I and a few of our leaders have been meeting to pray in the building and do prayer walks around the neighborhood. We want to know what Gods desire is for how and when we re-open. We are also praying for more people to help. We have 1 full time person and me right now. This year I am already committed to different areas of the ministry and do not feel that it is right to not fulfill my commitment. Although at the same time I feel God leading me to be a part of this re-opening. So I am going to add this to an already very busy schedule trusting that where God guides He provides, and that He is going to give me the energy and time! Please pray with us for guidance in the steps and decisions that we make, for more people to join us, and for safety as we spend more time in the red light district.


The discipleship group with the girls has been going really well and they love coming to play games and learn about God. It has been a challenge for them to understand that God has a plan for their lives, loves them, and wants good things for them. The situations that they live in a very hard, they often times do not have food, their parents are abusive, and they see drugs and violence on a daily basis. Please pray that God would supernaturally give them understanding, knowledge, and peace that He wants them to have life and life more abundantly! Over the last couple of months I have been very worried about one of my girls I will call her “Mary”. I knew in my spirit that something was very wrong. Her cousin came about 2 weeks ago to talk to me. We spent some time talking about her life and different things that were going on, and Mary came up. So I asked her what Mary’s mom does for work and how she buys food and things. She told me that she gets money from men at the bars when she has sex with them. She then began telling me that the mom makes Mary do the same, and if she doesn’t bring home money that she gets in trouble. My heart broke, I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I knew that I couldn’t ignore it, that something had to be done. I immediately went to talk with our leaders and we decided that we need to report to the police this child prostitution. To be honest I am scared, I know that I shouldn’t have a fear of man and I am praying about it A LOT, but I am. We are waiting a few weeks before doing the report so that hopefully they won’t know that it was the ministry. The family is very involved in gangs and in the slum when someone does something against you, you retaliate. We aren’t sure if only Mary is involved or if it is some sort of prostitution ring but either way we will be taking away a main source of income from the family. We need a lot of prayer right now, for wisdom in how to do the report, when to do the report, and for protection that they won’t try to hurt or kill us. Also please pray for peace in my heart and mind. I want this situation to be reported and for the girls to be taken away and put in a safe place, but I know that in doing so I am putting at least two lives in danger, mine and the lady who I work with there. I also know that Mary’s life is in danger and who am I to say that my life is more important.

Here are some verses God has given me for this time.

Psalm 34:4, Psalm 91, Romans 14:8, Isaiah 26:3, Psalm 18.


Your prayers are a blessing and an encouragement to me! Battles are won in prayer, and I am thankful for all of you who choose to lift me and the ministry up to The Lord!

  • Peace in all areas of my life.
  • Protection physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Finances, my support has been low the last few months and sometimes it is a struggle to pay for everything. But God has been faithful and I have never been without the things I need. If you feel led to support me monthly or one time please let me know.
  • Wisdom and guidance in opening the drop-in center.
  • For Fabians brother Jose who had to go into the military last week (it is obligatory). For protection and that he will not be sent to the jungle or the mountains to fight the FARC. Also, for his salvation he has been so interested in Jesus, church, and Christianity the last couple of months. He was finally asking to come to church with us. Tomorrow we will take him a Bible and a devotional book when we visit him.


  • We do not have to move and God provided a fridge, stove, and all the other items!
  • I have not been dizzy but once or twice over the last month or so, I have stopped eating sugar and that has helped.The chicken pox are gone and all the kids have the ok to go back to school.
  • My parents had a safe trip and that they loved Colombia!
  • Fabian and I found an amazing church that we love! They teach the Bible…something to treasure down here!

Thank you for reading and for praying! I love you all! I pray God’s blessings upon you! With love, Jessica Mahoff

Feel free to write me!

Or send a letter!Formando Vidas Carerra 7B #126-71 Barrio Santa Barbara Bogota, Colombia.

If you feel led to support me checks can be made payable to: Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano 612 El Camino Real  San Juan Capistrano CA 92675 Also with a separate note that says FOR JESSICA MAHOFF.

For tax purposes my name CANNOT appear on the check in order for it to be tax-deductable

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