Update from Sarah Bachelder in Guatemala

Sarah is working as a staff member for Pottersfield at their Ignite Program in Guatemala. She is a missionary from CCSJC. The Ignite program is Pottersfield’s one year ministry/missions training program. Here is her update:

“Im doing good! I love it here. And the interns are fun! It is going really well! I’m teaching the interns kid songs! And I lead worship whenever they need me, or ask the other gifted interns to lead.
I’m in charge of a girl room and so that includes waking them up at 6:30am and breakfast is at 8 so making sure everyone’s on time. And then keeping all the interns in check as a whole along with my three fellow leaders and then the pastoral staff too. Everyone has to be on time, rooms neat, cleaning up after meals etc… It’s great! The interns are in class a lot. So I help around the campus and the kitchen while that’s happening. Prepare for studies or girl night ideas with Charvel. Yeah. 🙂 God is good!”

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