New Post from Pastor Dan in Iruma, Japan

Hello Everyone,
Praise the Lord we hope you are all enjoying the summer. We are seeing some unusual weather. It was very cool all July long and now the humidity has kicked in. But it’s not as torrid here as in other summers. Some places here are sweltering like the US but here it seems to be a mild summer. We had our first VBS the last week of July and it was so much fun the kids had a blast as we taught about Jonah and the Whale. Day one’s theme was you can’t hide from God. So we played hide n go seek in a park. Day two was disobedience has you going the wrong way to Joppa. We went on a hike and took a detour through a creek. (Got many shoes wet but had lots of fun) Day three was the storm and running away from problems only makes things worse. So we had an ocean of balled up news paper and we made a ship the kids could stand in. One team was the crew on the boat and the other team was the wave team. It was awesome to see them have such fun being stormy and bailing out water. Day 4 Second Chance where games we played kids were given second chances after being barfed out of a game. Friday the 5th day was Salvation is from the Lord and we tied the story of Jonah to Jesus and said God prepared a whale for Jonah but for you He prepared Jesus. We had 3 kids raise their hands to receive Jesus and almost the whole group prayed to receive. It was such a blessed time.

We will have our next VBS this coming week. It will be smaller and we will have help. Pray for Felice and Wendy to have fun with the kids. Pray for the Word of God to continue to spread in the children’s hearts and overflow to the parents.

Dan’s health: Many have asked what’s going on. My heart is doing well. But I’m fat! I lost so much weight but I am a weak man and have not kept to the diet. Pray for me. I am back to full work, walking, shopping, ministering and I have no issues other than over exertion fatigue. If I run up a flight of stairs I want to pass out at the top. If I carry too heavy a load like at the school I was swinging kids and I almost lost a kid for dizziness.

Mihoko is always wonderful: She is stressed over my health. She worries and prays and fights me all the time to stop stuffing things in my mouth. She is a financial wizard at stretching our money. Everyone thinks we come from a big church and therefore have lots of money. God gives us what we need. Sometimes Mihoko has to shift money and postpone that bill to pay this one. It is hard and expensive living in Japan. So Pray for Mihoko’s continued health and gifting.

Kids are enjoying summer. Girls went to grandma’s in Nagano and have been helping out at the CC Iruma VBS. They sang an opening song and did gestures and the kids love it. The CC Bible College Tokyo has a Summer of Service (SoS) program. Nathan was invited back and is enjoying life helping out there and serving and hanging out with college age kids. It is so healthy for him to get a taste of this kind of life. He can see the future and is really looking forward it.

This week Felice Ip and Wendy Sheldon will be here to help us. It is so exciting to have like minded sisters in the Lord to come along side and encourage and bless. Pray they have a special time and hear from Jesus.

We got blessed with a computer by a person who donated a brand new laptop. Praise the Lord pray the Lord to bless that person.

Vision pioneering: There are things I want to do but the Lord in a sense is saying no not yet. There are things we are doing but sense this is not what we are to continue in. We are praying and planning to start a one step Drug and Alcohol reconciliation ministry. Not an AA meeting but an IJ meeting. IJ means Introduction to Jesus. Reconciliation to God is the top priority.But as we pray about this the men and women trapped in addiction they need something like a U-Turn for Christ. Men and women are helpless to overcome their addictions. They need to surrender to Jesus. I would like in the near future to take Mr. Handa to California to see the U-turn for Christ facilities. I have no experience. But out of necessity we are just praying to see what God will do. Pray for Handa San and Myself to have provision and peace. Thank you for reading and praying God bless you.

Pastor Dan Bolinger
Calvary Chapel Iruma Japan

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