Update from Dr. Juventine in Uganda

Dear co-laborers, Calvary greetings to you.

Psalm 115:1 says, “not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness”.

It will be well to remember that this psalm was sung at the Passover, and therefore it bears relationship to the deliverance from Egypt. The burden of it seems to be a p
rayer that the living God, who had been so glorious at the Red Sea and at the Jordan, should again for His Own name’s sake display the wonders of His power.

The repetition of the words, Not unto us, indicate a very serious desire to renounce any glory which they might at any time have proudly appropriated to themselves, a
nd it also sets forth the vehemence of their wish that God would at any cost to them magnify His own name. They loathed the idea of seeking their own glory, and rejected the thought with the utmost detestation; again and again disclaiming any self-glorifying motive in their supplication.

I felt every inch of this verse on the Sun
day of August 4th as I said good-bye to the church in Midigo. It was a large gathering of three church plants, CC Midigo, CC Yumbe and CC Kubala as well as a few members from CC Arua. I was overwhelmed by the work of God’s grace as I looked at the work of His hand over the last 13 years and my heart started to cry, not to us Oh Lord, not to us but to Your name be the glory because of your love and faithfulness.

I also remembered all of you who have visited on short mission trips, prayed, and supported financially. For this, I say to you beloved, thank you for your labor of love.

It was such a joy to hand over the work to Pastor Charles Jjagwe, a man I have labored with for 12 years, a dear friend, and a faithful brother.

A move to Soroti

It’s been exactly three years since the Holy Spirit put it in our hearts to move from Midigo to Soroti and start a new work. In the beginning, we were gripped with the fear of beginning all over again and especially leaving our church family in Midigo. The last two weeks in Soroti have been exciting as we have begun to pray for the land and seeking the Lord on how we might serve Him in Soroti. We started with the Wednesday Bible study and the workers building the hospital and realized that there is such a hunger for God’s word in Soroti. We have had two Sunday services and seen God move in a powerful way.

See Sunday Services at Soroti:

Prayer requests:
Pray for Pastor Charles for wisdom and God’s strength as he takes over the work in Midigo.
Currently, CC Soroti meets at the new hospital lobby. Please pray that the Lord will provide for land where we can put a tent for the services.
Pray that God will open a door for the message of God’s love in Soroti and that many will turn to God.
Pray for our protection in this new area.
Pray for God’s provisions for the many needs of the new church plant in Soroti.

Pastor Charles will continue to bring you all the CC Midigo ministry updates from the month of September. Should you desire to hear what God is doing CC Soroti, I kindly request that you write me an email.(emukujuv@yahoo.com)

Thank you for all your love and support over the last 13 years while we labored in Midigo.

Pastor Juventine Emuku.
CC Soroti

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