Hamburg Germany, Needs you Prayers

Hello Everyone

It has been a few weeks since we last emailed you some of our current prayer requests.
God has been at work in deed!
  • God did some great things throughout the Prayer Tour! You can read a little about it on the following posts.
  • God Stories – Part 1
  • God Stories – Part 2
  • City Light Hamburg
  • Discipleship has been taking place with different people throughout the week.
  • The enemy is trying to discourage a new believer
  • God is continuing to bring people to us in many different ways
Here are some of our current Prayer Requests
  • “Jesus Talks” begin this Sunday, September 1st
    • We will be beginning to meet with a few people in a public setting. Pray for great conversations. The gospel will be definitely proclaimed throughout these next few months in this location. So be praying for salvation to take place!
  • Discipleship meetings taking place throughout the week
  • Rebecca will be starting her German classes starting, September 2nd! Pray for her as she will be stepping into a class that will be in a higher level than she originally anticipated. Also pray for great connections to take place through this class.
  • Continue to pray for our health – this is always an area where prayer support is needed. Especially as the weather is going to start to change
  • Pray for the kids as they have already begun their school year since the beginning of August. Pray for health, safety, understanding, and for them to make some good friends!
May the Lord bless each of you today!

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