Tuesday update!

Tuesday morning in Managua greeted us with slight breeze and plenty of sunshine, after some much needed rest.

We all gathered in the sanctuary for a morning devotional, led by Jacques, where we were exhorted in the Word by a study of Isaiah 40. “To be renewed with fresh strength from the Lord”. It was a blessing and it set the stage for a full day ahead.

We all walked across the street for some breakfast prepared for us by the local team. Mixed ham and eggs with fried plantains and very tasty fruit bowl. It seemed the local variety hot sauce was the biggest hit of it all as we devoured it in one sitting.

Once breakfast was concluded Jessica led us to the kitchen to learn how to clean the dishes. Some took to the scrubbing, others to the rinsing and the rest to air dry stacking station.

Later we gathered back in the sanctuary to get instructions on the morning work project. The team was broken up into three main groups: Painting, Dirt removal and Grinding. Everyone worked hard and we broke for lunch at around 12:30.

After lunch we headed out for a time of ministry where we again broke out into several teams, assisted with translators from the local church body, and we passed out tracks and shared Jesus.

Several people prayed to accept Jesus and it was a blessing to all. For me, I so encouraged by my translator David. He assisted Cole, Jake, Miguel and I as we headed out to on our assigned path. David is 20 years old and in school but more importantly he has been saved for about 3 years. The team and I encouraged him to share his testimony, as a method to share the gospel, and he did. I could see in eyes he was excited to be used by the Lord and no doubt expect that God will continue to exhort David in the days and months to come.

The night ended with a sweet time of worship, study and prayer with all of our team and the local church body. We all prayed in our own language and, despite not understanding all that was said, it was clear the Lord was in the center of it all.

Well off the bed we go as we rest up for another full day in Managua.

Blessing to all,


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