Saturday September 21, 2013

Saturday September 21, 2013

Another fantastic day in Nicaragua. Our day started with a devotion presented by Donna Pelletier, reviewing Psalm 37:8 “Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret—it only causes harm.”
Donna encouraged us all to not fret and to rest in His strength. Trusting in Him will help take away your fears.

We spent the morning preparing for the vacation bible school and finishing the painting of the church hallway. We also visited the elementary school across the street, which is a major part of the ministry for Calvary Managua. Over 135 kids get a strong Christian education from this school. What a blessing to see Gods powerful work in this community.

The vacation bible school started at 2:00 in the afternoon, and it was a great! We were expecting between 20 and 60 children, and to our delight over 150 came. We sang, did art work, performed a short play, and, most importantly, shared the gospel. We saw many hands go up as they were asked if they wanted to receive Jesus into their hearts. Please, pray that these new seeds will grow strong in this community.

It is an honor and a delight to be part of this missionary team. It is obvious to us that many people are praying for the success of this journey. I have never been with a group of individuals who have such strong servant’s hearts and just want to see God’s mighty hand at work. It is very humbling to listen to the full time missionaries tell their stories and see their complete trust in God and His provisions. They are true warriors for Jesus.

Going on these short term mission trips has been a life changing experience for everyone on the team and has had a positive impact on the churches and communities we have visited. Please, continue to pray for us.

Thanks for listening,

Jacques Pelletier

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