The Mission Trip is Coming to a Close

Today was a blessed day as we went to Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia is a small village in the hills on the outskirts of Guatemala City. There is a Calvary Chapel there that is doing an incredible job. They run a daily feeding program sponsored by Potter’s Field Ministries for about 60 kids where they are given one meal a day. For many of these kids it is the only meal they get for the day as their families are so poor. We had such a blessed time. Here are some of the pictures.

Making ballon animals and shaped for the kids.

The swords were the most popular!

Cooking the tortillas from scratch.

Team hard at work.

Esperanza was our little helper. She helped feed all the kids first and then ate.

A little cutie.

Jake and the Porter’s Field interns sharing in music.

Working on the craft.

Cement pad is almost done.

The interns came through at the end.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. We can really feel the prayer covering. Don’t stop until we get home early Saturday morning!

God bless you all!

Pastor Gary

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