New Life Beginnings Update

Here are some photos and an update from the last team that went out to New Life Beginnings in Long Beach.

Hi All
Thank you for all that went to New Life Beginnings on September 26th. God always provides the exact number of people needed along with their God given skills.
Attached is a picture of those who attended. (Gene & Dustin Wahl not pictured) Jill is holding Abraham with his mother Veronica on her right. Two days after Benjamin was born the Social Workers came to pick him up and to take to a temporary home.
When they saw the newly renovated bedrooms, family room and the saw the total “appearance” of the Home the county decided to leave the baby.we still need to pray for an upcoming court date.

Through God’s Grace we were able to paint to 3rd story back stair walls/ceiling, the reception office, Rebecca’s office, the food storage area/hall way, and the second floor hallway. Electrical outlets and switches were also replaced (scroll down for additional pictures)

Everyone that went was blessed for doing the work for the Lord, seeing God’s love for all those living there, and Hear Veronica’s testimony.

God Bless
Tom & Jill

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