Update from Jessica in Colombia

October Update

Hey Everybody!

So lots of big and exciting things have happened over the last month! Read on to hear all about it…


Fabian and I are officially engaged as of September 28th. I am SOOO excited and feel so blessed to be marrying my best friend, a man who loves and serves the Lord with his whole heart, loves me, loves missions, and so many other great things.

The date is set for May 3rd, 2014. We are going to be getting married here in Bogota, Colombia at the ministry farm and then have a reception in California mid to late May. We decided to get married here for a couple of reasons, it would be really hard to get visas for Fabians family, and the girls that I am discipling are so excited to be a part and we feel that it is a testimony and an example to them of God and His desire for marriage. None of the girls come from families where their parents are married, and most of their parents aren’t even together anymore. At the beginning of the year when we talked about relationships they told me that men like I was telling them about don’t exist. Little by little as they have seen how Fabian and I treat eachother and now the engagement, they are dreaming about getting married and some are talking about how they want to wait until God brings them their husband. They constantly ask me “how does it feel when someone loves you like that” and “what does it feel like to be getting married”. So we really want them to be able to go to the wedding and see with their own eyes two people who love eachother make a commitment to eachother and to God.

We are praying about what God wants us to do after we get married. We both desire for Colombia to be home, at least for now. We both love the ministry and love what we do here. We are praying about doing a 3 month Bible school at some point after we get married. We know that it will be important to step back a little from the ministry and have time to just be husband and wife. Please pray with us that God would guide us in the right time for the school, and what part of our responsibilities to continue in and what part to step back from for a little bit.

Again, I am SO blessed and So happy! I have always known that we would get married when Fabian finishes college, but now that we are engaged it is so real and exciting. Please be praying with us that all of the plans would come together, I can get all of the papers I need to be legally married in Colombia, that God would continue to prepare Fabian and I for this new stage in our lives, and that God would continue to provide what we need for the wedding, honeymoom, and getting settled into a new house.


I am going to be in California from December 15th until January 27th! I am really looking forward to seeing my family, my church family, friends, eating, relaxing, seeing the ocean, and doing lots of wedding prep! The last time I was in the US was in August of 2012 so I am ready for a visit!.

God is a faithful provider! I had been praying for an inexpensive plane ticket, but because of it being so close to Christmas I couldn’t find anything, about a week ago my aunt contacted my mom and said that she wanted to buy my ticket with her miles! I am so thankful for this provision, it was such a wonderful unexpected surprise. I have great seats and great luggage allowances!

I am looking forward to seeing many of you in just under 2 months!


My friend and fellow missionary Ingrid has always had a dream of starting a camp for young people here in Colombia. She has been praying and seeking God about how and when to start. Well, on October 7th we took 30 girls to camp for 4 days. We rented a farm about 2 hours from the city and there we had 4 days full of games, pool time, worship, teachings, and loving on the girls. All of the girls we took come from very hard family lives filled with abuse and neglect. 16 of my 20 girls from my discipleship group went and 2 girls from The Jungle Club and it was such a great opportunity to spend more time with them and see them come to a fuller understanding of Jesus and His love for them. Most of the girls did not want to go home after the 4 days. When we asked what they liked most about camp we heard answers such as, the hugs, the food, the worship, the pool, the beds, feeling like someone loves me, the teachings about Jesus, among many others. I feel blessed that God would use me to be a part of this dream that He put in Ingrids heart. Many of the girls accepted Jesus over the 4 days, they were all given Bibles to take home, and we are continuing to encourage them in their relationships with the Lord now that they are back home.

Please pray with us for the girls and their realtionships with Jesus, that His love and desire for an intimate realationship would become more and more real to them everyday. Also, please be praying for future camps, Ingrid is praying about doing 5 next year!



The Jungle Club

In addition to our Saturday Bible clubs, we are going to have a special Jungle on Thursday October 31st. The last few years we have done it and have seen what a blessing it has been to the children and their parents. The neighborhood where the Jungle is becomes very dangerous on Halloween and every year there are children who dissapear. We want the children to have a safe place to be, instead of being out on the streets. We are going to have a big party to celebrate “kids day” with candy, hamburgers, sodas, hopefully cotton candy, games, worship, and an evangelical teaching. Last year we had 198 children plus alot of parents. This year we expecting more to come because the Jungle Club has grown so much. We will be with the children from 6:00pm until 9:00pm (4-7pm in CA) on Halloween night. Pray for us if you can.

Please be praying for protection and that kids and parents would get saved!

For the first time ever, or at least for a really long time, our farm is out of water. The springs have dried up and the reserve tanks are empty. We have many kids and staff that live at the farm. Please be praying that God would allow the springs to give water once again. Right now they are taking water in big bottles up to the farm for cooking and bathrooms. Hopefully the water company will sell us water, but that is not for sure and it is really expensive. Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading about what is going here in Colombia! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! You all are a blessing to myself, Fabian, and so many others here in Bogota!

God bless,

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