Prayer Request from Pastor Dan in Iruma, Japan

Prayer request posted on 12/19/2013 at 01:28

Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you for praying. I am so thankful for a team of prayer warriors who lifts us up and intercedes on our behalf. This year we had Kazue come to Jesus and she has been coming regularly. Pray for her spiritual growth. This culture and world has deep ties and strongholds. Pray for Handa san to find a job. In Japan, hiring a 50 something is not done unless it’s fast food or parking lot security. Pray for our break during the next two weeks. We’ll be sending the kids possibly up to Nagano for some Winter play. Pray for the church floor to be completed. I am having to redo the floor to level the dirt better. Pray for provision for the construction and all. Pray for provision for the kids schooling. We have been sending them to a private school and are on probation for the deep deep discounting we are receiving as missionaries. They are going to double the tuition next year. We are praying for options. The kids don’t want options though. Pray for a visit by a missionary in training Michael. He is from CC Spokane. Pray for a great time during the 10 day visit in January. Also pray for a team coming from CC San Juan Capistrano in May. Pray for the coordination of events and provision to do things. Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide and direct. That we’d be in the center of his will as we continue to work here. Pray for language skills and opportunities to share with many. We love you all and are so blessed for your praying. Thank you and praise the Lord for he is good. God bless.

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