Update from Steve and James

This is a few days old. Steve and James have been in extremely impacted areas with no communication other than satellite phone. They spent the time with U-Turn and are now preparing to meet the team. They are both doing well although they have colds. They are getting a lot of rain so pray for better weather. Here it is:

Hello everyone. Steve and I are on the seventh day of the assement and evaluation. So far we have spent 2 1/2 days in Dumaguete city on the island of Negros. We were blessed wirh the hospitality from PTA (pastoral training for Asia) a great refuge to refresh after our 16 hr. flight. Steve was able to meet with the team here and map out our time in Bohol. We had the pleasure of meeting Simon, his wife Leah and there two boys Noah and Boaz.
We were scheduled for a 7 am. “fast boat” ride to Bohol on the Thursday but was cancelled because of bad weather the night before. We finally left at 3:30 pm. The ride over is 2 1/2 hrs. on this boat but could have been 5-7 hrs.
We chartered a van to visit two churches on the island. One church completely destroyed. This church in a small village was only about 30×30 built from surrounding materials and block. It wasn’t much. They are presently using a 20×12 covering in another location.
The other church is much bigger (50×50)i n a small city. It is made of concrete colums and block in between. It has a A-frame metal truss system with corrigated roofing. The only thing salvageable is the roof system.they are still using the building. It’s slow going, one column at a time then the walls. We were treated to some of the local foods at both places. Everyone hopeful and filled with the joy of the Lord.
We took another fast boat to Cebu, a huge port city with a huge mall and lots of people.stayed overnight.
Caught another fast boat to Ormoc. Steve and I meet aith a group called LAMP. They showed us there areas of relief work and went over some of the possibilities for our church. Ormoc is another port city much much smaller then Cebu, but lots of people for its size.
We took Duptours van transport to the city of Tacloban. A 2 1/2 hr road coasre any racer would cringe at. A 1 3/4 road that handels trucks, bicycles, cars and people. No speed limit or lanes. We made it to Tacloban. Another port city with lots of people. Very crowed conditions. We leave today for another van ride to Borongan to meet up with U-Turn for Christ. We look forward to and ask for wisdom and guidance in fulfillings God’s will for this mission’s trip.
God bless, James

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