Praise Report from the Philippines

Steve Bailey is better but still a little weak from being sick but is up and about today.  The team will be visiting a local hospital to witness to people and bring food packets to them.  They’ve been working at the local church and looks like they will be building a driveway for the church today.  They will be at U-Turn in Lalawigan the whole day.  Click on the link so you can get an idea of where they are doing the Lords’ work.

The team went door to door witnessing and they were able to witness to 5 families and 3 families they prayed with accepted the Lord which was about 8 people total for the 3 families.
The attempted to do a food outreach or feeding at the local school but very few people showed up because of the current low level storm.  Sherry Bailey arrived with two assistants to join the team in efforts of what the Lord has planned for them.
Continue to pray for the team’s heart to stand united in their efforts and to rely on the Lord for provision and guidance.  Pray for the new believers who accepted the Lord and for their hearts to be on fire for Jesus and for that fire to overflow into the community.  Pray for Steve Bailey to gain his full strength back after being sick for the last couple of days. Continue to pray for the people in the area that they would be united in their efforts to rebuild their community.

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