Another Update from the Philippines Team

Here is the latest update from Steve Bailey and the team:

Great day today. Brian did worship at CC Lalawigans and I understand that the service was well attended by our nationals and the message given by the Pastor of CC Cypress, TX was good. Matt and I went to Mey Bocog Christian Fellowship about a half hour drive south from our base. We went to the boat dock to go to the island, but, the seas were too rough and we had to abort the attempt. The visit to Mey Bocog went very well. Matt shared his testimony and I taught 2 Tim 4:7. At the invitation, two women accepted the Lord. I was so encouraged after having a rough couple of days with the bug and the weather. Today after the services we all came back together and went to town for dinner out and wifi visits for all. The first wifi visit for the team since arrival. I know they have enjoyed our fellowship with our local hosts and the time to catch-up with friends and family.
Tomorrow, we work on the base camp. The water system I was working on is now up and operational. U-Turn is now providing fresh drinking water to the village of Lalawigans. What a great ministry for the church.

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