Praise Report Philippines

The weather has finally lifted although still lightly drizzling and the team has been able to get to work on the two construction projects they have been working on.  They will be able to finish re-building a house in Hernani and will be able to complete the driveway a Uturn for Christ Church in Lalawigan.

They’ve have been able minister to many people with medical out reaches and many have come to accept the Lord.  Continue to pray for those souls and for the seed to take root in all of their lives and to overflow into their families, friends, and the entire community.

Sheri Bailey and her team will be leaving and flying back to Dumaguete pray for traveling mercies and safety for her team.  A team from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa just arrived to come alongside and continue the construction projects and outreaches. Pray for their team an unity in whatever the Lord has planned for them.

The team will be working diligently to finish up projects they have started weather permitting and since they will be preparing to come home this weekend they will be taking advantage of the current clear weather.

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