Post from Philippine Team Member Doranne Gause

These are some thoughts I had while serving God in the Philippines:

I am amazed at the stamina of the men on our team. They work so hard everyday in the rain Whether they are building a house for a widow, doing work on the church in Hernani, or poising a driveway here at Lalawegin, they work hard and joyfully as unto the Lord. They take time to encourage the locals and bless the people wherever they work. Jesus is shared everyday..

I am having such fun. I get to assist in the medical outreaches, pray with the hurting, teach the Good News to children in the public schools, and lead many many to Christ. We are truly blessed to serve these wonderful Philippine people.

Three blessings stand out to me. One is talking with a mom during our medical clinic. Her husband was holding their two year oold when the 30 foot wave ripped the boy from her husband’s arms. We cried together and I shared the hope and peace that comes with trusting Jesus. She accepted the Lord as her Savior. She was glad to know that she will see her son in heaven.

What a joy to be able to share the Gospel in 8 classrooms in the public school. Many in each class eagerly prayed the sinners prayer. We happened to go back in the afternoon to go house to house for medical outreach and some of the parents thanked me for sharing Jesus and the little craft they made. I got to pray with several families.

On my last day, I delivered bags of rice and the Gospel to hundreds of people. So many received Jesus as their Savior. In the second little village, the people were so engaged in the picture cards and message. It was incredible to see their sincerity as they prayed. I now pray that they will grow in their new faith in their local Calvary Chapel church.

I thank the Lord for His work in and through our team. However, I pray for more workers of Christ to come. Driving through hours of devastation along the coast of Samar breaks my heart.

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