Pray for our Guatemala/Colombia Mission

As I write this, Carol and I are waiting to board our plane for Guatemala. We are headed to Pottersfield Ministries base in Antigua, Guatemala where we will be teaching and ministering with a new class of students from the USA that are in their Ignite missions school. We are so excited to see all that God has in store for us as we meet a new batch of students who are devoting the next year of their life to serving The Lord full time. I will be teaching in Acts and Carol and I will be sharing with the students one on one and in a group setting. We are excited to see Sarah Bachelder who is working with Pottersfield and Quincey McCook who is a new student.

We will be here until the 10th when we head to visit our missionary Jessica Mayhoff in Bogota, Colombia. We will spend a few days with her looking at the work she is doing in the inner city of Bogota.

Please pray for:

1. Traveling mercies for us as we fly and drive.
2. Pray for good health as we both got pretty sick the last time we were in Guatemala. 3. Pray for safety as we move about the streets in these third world countries.
4. Pray for the teaching and sharing with the students, that God would use us to prepare the hearts of these students to serve Him.
5. Pray for the opportunities we will have to share the Gospel. That God will prepare the hearts of those we will be talking to. 6. Pray for Sarah Bachelder as she is not feeling well right now.

We will keep you updated through the CCSJC missions blog at You can sign up for automatic alerts by going to the blog site.

God Bless You All!

Pastor Gary

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