Well we finally made it to Antigua, Guatemala. I say finally because the trip that was supposed to take a little more than five hours ended up taking 13 1/2. We flew direct from LAX to Guatemala at 12:30 am. We arrived in the skies over Guatemala a little before 7 local time (they are two hours ahead). Unfortunately the airport was totally fogged in so we circled for about 20 minutes waiting for it to lift. When it became apparent to the pilot and air traffic controllers that it would not lift, we were redirected to El Salvador. This was supposed to be a temporary stop to refuel and wait for the airport in Guatemala to open. We waited on the plane about 30 minutes before they brought a bus out to deplane those of us destined for Guatemala. The rest of the passengers took off for Costa Rica. From that pint on we were in a hurry up and wait mode as each update seemed to bring us no closer to departure. Finally we were issues new boarding passes and after more than 7 hours boarded a new plane. We landed at almost 4 pm, 13 1/2 hours after leaving LA.

Today we met the new students at the Ignite school. Fourteen students of all she’s and walks of life coming together with a common desire to serve The Lord in the mission field for at least the next year. I taught from Acts 7 today about Stephen’s testimony before the Sanhedrin and the work of God in the life of Israel. Please pray for our time with the students. A week seems to be such a short time and we have much to cover. Pray that God would use us to impact the hearts and lives of the students in a powerful way. Thank you all in advance for your prayers.

Pastor Gary and Carol

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