Pray for Colombia

We got in late last night and proceeded to our hostess, Judy’s apartment in the North part of Colombia. We felt so welcome last night and this morning as we met Judy’s brother Steve who heads up the YWAM ministry here in Colombia.

Fabian, Jessica, and Steve on the right.

Here is one with Judy on the right.

Today has been such a mix of emotions as we began our whirlwind tour of the work that Jessica Mayhoff has been doing here. For the last seven years she has been living and working in the poorest, most crime ridden part of Bogota.

The streets are filled with prostitutes, drug dealers and gang members. Jessica and the others have earned all their respect because of their consistent witness and love for the children. The children live in such squalor and many if them go hungry if they are not given food. They are the innocent victims of their parents sins.

The recreational and educational time the kids get is the only love and care that some of them ever experience. Things can seem so hopeless as you drive the streets and see what resembles Sodom and Gamorah. Christ is their only hope.

The kids coming in for their after school program.

This evening we went up into the hills to visit the home and kids Jessica used to live with. They are all so beautiful and are thriving under their care.

The area us beautiful and the kids warmed our hearts.

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