Prayer Request from our Missionaries in Japan


We had a great few days being refreshed in the Spirit by Chayne Nelson and Bethany Rogers. They came from Hainan Island. What a blessing. Praise the Lord for their love upon us.

• Pray for another group coming in March from Korea to help move our school and prep the church for move in. We are so not ready. We may have to delay the move in until provision is made.
• Pray for provision and for our faith to not waver.
• Pray for more new students. Announcing the move has some students considering dropping a few already have. I pray that they would stay. Each one of my students hears the gospel so pray the testimony of the Lord will impact their life and change them.
• Pray for our homeless outreach. Mr. Ishida and I go out each week and bless the guys we meet. One guy lives in a park and in the snow I don’t know how he tolerates it. Pray he will come to salvation.
• Pray for three other guys that are content in their depravity.
• Pray for Wisdom for the following things, faithfulness in the little things, gifting for everything, provision for some things, patience in too many things and thankfulness in all things.

Thanks for praying

Dan Bolinger

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