Prayer Requests from Pastor Dan in Japan

Hello, here is our latest Prayer request I posted on the CCCM website.

Prayer request posted on 03/05/2014 at 02:02

Hello everyone, I pray that you are in the Lord and rejoicing in the things that he is accomplishing in your life and in this world. We are starting to move the school and church to our new home and facility. The student count for those not coming is only a couple. Praise the Lord we have retained almost all of our students. Next week they will begin coming to our new place for classes. Please pray there are no logistical issues. It is easy to find but there are always those that get lost. Pray for the church as we are still not ready we will move services at the end of the month to our new place. The floor is the challenge and a door. The place is like a storage unit with two windows. It is 30 some feet long and 14 feet wide. 1/2 the floor was dirt we have covered it with plastic and metal deck plates and then plywood. Now we need the finished material. Cost is the issue. We have looked at everything and we just need to pray for God’s provision and plan. Dan is not a floor guy so pray for the installation. Pray for a door on the church. Right now we are looking at a sliding door which is popular in Japan. This storage unit has a rolling steel door (Shutter) for the entrance. Pray for wisdom on choosing what to use. Pray for our Potato planting day. The owner of our home has allowed us to use the field behind the house for farming. He doesn’t have to bother with the weeds that way. Pray we can bless the owner and take care of this place. It is so beautiful and the presence of the Lord brings a peace here. Pray our international moms of the students will want to come to a Bible Study. Pray for Rachel as she got a part in a play at school. She is Cinderella in the play “Princess Who”. Nathan’s Artwork was recognized and sent to a kids museum in downtown Tokyo. What an honor. I pray he can use his talent for Jesus. Pray for Dan’s weight loss. Pray for it to just fall off his body that or better eating habits.
God bless you all and thank you for praying.

additional PR: Pray for a homeless ministry. I Dan have been going around town with another Christian (Lives across the street and goes to another church) and delivering bread to them that we receive each week. The evangelism is not happening as I desire and my friend is telling me to be patient. Pray for patience. I am thinking after a month of quitting but the guys we are ministering to are just now opening up and conversing with us. I have American ways that wants to overcome them with food and preaching but I need to learn how to minister to this segment of society. It seems complicated. The guy I am ministering with treats them with unusual dignity and respect. If they are selling something he buys it. The homeless are reluctant to take a handout as they will be obligated to us. They are more responsive to the interaction of an exchange. God’s word says what shall we give in exchange for our soul. (Matt 16:26) It is our very soul that God wants. Pray we can minister to them the gospel that they are valuable to God and to yield themselves to him is the greatest honor they can give to God. God gave his son to use in exchange for our souls and we get the Son, the Holy Spirit, and eternal life. How great is that? Pray we can find more homeless or single mothers that need bread and help.

Love you guys,


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