The Day After The Disaster

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The Day After The Disaster
Concrete posts, walls and a few pipes are all that is left from the village of 1,000 families.
501.jpgThe wooden cross that was probably part of the elevated walkway, points to the 24 concrete pillars that once supported the largest Bajao church in the Philippines. The preschool was right behind the church.

The city is dropping off bags of rice, rice soup, and bread. The line above is for clothing soap, body soap, bottled water and a piece of bread.

At least 100 Bajao from the church are living under a large tarp we recently bought for medical outreaches. Today we held church under the tarp where they were encouraged by the passages in the Bible to trust in the Lord, rejoice in all circumstances, and have faith He will feed them and will house them in the future.

We need to restock the men with pearls so they can go earn a living, restock the women with used clothes to sell, and restock the youth with used tennis shoes they resole and sell. What we need is capital to make this happen. Then they can feed themselves as we wait on the government to figure out where they will live on a permanent basis.

Kairos International, Inc.
PO Box 1242, Stafford Tx. 77497

Please write Bailey Bajao Relief on the memo line

(Yes, this is a new address for Kairos. They will forward any checks sent to the Redwood City address. However, all new checks should be addressed to the above address.)

Thank you for your prayers and may our Lord be with us all!!

Patrick and Shari Bailey

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