Calvary Chapel Montebelluna Italy

Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano,

I am so blessed! Wow, the LORD is so awesome! Thank you guys so much. It means the world to me that you guys care enough about me and the ministry here to support me.

You can go to this website: it gives you all the info on how to donate. And then you can go to this website to donate: and my account number is 1311.

Ministry in Montebelluna Italy:

So, I’ve been serving and working along side Calvary Chapel Montebelluna Italy and Calvary Chapel Bible College Italy for over 2 years now! And by the Lord’s grace I’m the full time worship leader. And every summer the Lord has opened an amazing door for our church to play and share the Gospel every Thursday night in the city square and I’ve been able to be apart of the music in every concert.

Since my arrival in February 2012, I’ve been helping with the youth group on Saturday’s and Sunday studies. But as of Jan ’14, the Lord directed our old youth pastor to go help with another Calvary church plant in a different city, so the Lord raised me up to be the full time youth pastor for about 10-15 kids.

At the Bible College I’m the assistant to the Director and be Dean of Men; being able to teach a Men’s Discipleship class the pass two semesters and this coming semester teach The Gospel of Mark.  As of this summer every Tuesday afternoon we’ve been going to the park and playing soccer with the youth that are there. It’s so simple sharing Jesus with them.

Here are some additional links for your to review:

CCBC Italy –

CC Montebelluna –

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Please pray for me:

– Our summer concerts, reaching the people of Montebelluna. Also I want to be able to evangelize some of the youth during our music and invite them to youth group; which is called (La Fonte) – meaning “The Fountain” or “The Source” John 7:37-38.

– My preparation for the Gospel of Mark class I’ll be teaching this next semester and the future class/students.

– Discipling the youth of our church and ability to share with those at the park.

– Teaching in Italian, feeling confident and really expand my vocabulary.

Thank you for letting me be apart of your church and missions team. I’m watching live on Sunday’s too!



Jake Italy


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