Prayer for Jessica and Fabian in Colombia

Some things to be praying for this month are:

-For my (Jessica’s health), I haven’t been feeling well for the last month or two. Last weekend I had really bad pain in my abdomen. I had an ultrasound and it looks like there is something wrong with my gallbladder (not stones), and my liver is enlarged. For now I am on a strict diet, taking pain medicine, and waiting on some lab results to see what further treatment the doctors will do. Even though I am sick and not feeling well we have seen the Lords hand in everything. For example, I signed up for a better health insurance this month so that when we have kids, I can give birth in a private clinic and not a public hospital and I was approved and given my insurance card the day before I went to the emergency room. So I was able to go to a nice clinic and get good treatment. Please be praying for healing and that I won’t need surgery. Also, please be praying that I don’t have hepatitis, it is why the doctors think that my liver is enlarged.

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