Prayer Update from the Guatemala Missions Team

First of all, we arrived late last night safely! Thank for all your prayers! We arrived at the airport, in Guatemala City, around 5:30pm and then went to Pollo Campero for dinner. It was tasty! Once we got to the hostel, we had a great reunion with Pastor Jim, Miss Patty, Quincey McCook and my sister Rebecca Kusunoki and a few of us got to go tour the facility! It is beautiful! Now I’ll pass it to Aly and a few others to tell you a little about today! –Elizabeth

When we arrived at the hospital, the objective was to be paired with a patient (guys with guys and girls with girls) and take them to the park to walk them around and spend some time ministering to them. Almost all of them were wheelchair bound, older, and couldn’t speak. The nice thing was that you could leisurely walk with your patients and talk to them when you were pushing them around at your own pace.

Key word, almost.

I was paired with this lady who was was not wheel chair bound and walked really fast. Really, really fast. In the half hour we were there we probably walked around 12 times. It doesn’t seem like a lot until you’ve done it [hence the ice on my leg right now ;)] .

Later after saying goodbye with hugs all around some of my friends were telling me that they saw Jesus in that moment, like when He washed the disciples’ feet. Come again? That’s CRAZY! I am horribly selfish to the core. I’m carnal. I’m prideful. I make so many mistakes on a daily basis, and yet God chooses to still use me in spite of all that gross sin. And I had been praying for a while before the trip that I could lay aside myself for a bit and reflect Jesus. What an answer to prayer that I cannot take any credit for. That’s the Lord. –Aly

Visited a heartbreaking children’s hospital. About half the children there have no parents and were abandoned on the streets. I sat with and pushed around a little, deaf girl named Gloria. –Kalea

Just spent the day pushing wheel barrows full of broken cement up a hill and shoveling up a never ending pile of sand. –Joel

Overall, today was a huge blessing! To see the smiles light up their faces as we simply pushed their wheelchairs around was such a wake up call. How much we take for granted! The ability to talk, to walk, to enjoy beautiful scenery anytime we want, we are truly blessed! Keep praying! We can feel it in everything we do!

Prayer Requests:

1)Servant’s hearts/humility

^A quote I heard once keeps

coming back to my mind. “You’ll

know you’re a servant by the way

you act when you’re treated like

one” we are simply servants, pray

that we remember that as we step

out of our comfort zones to serve

in whatever way we are asked!

Pray that we will have the heart if

Ruth! “I will do whatever you

say,” (Ruth 3:5)

2)Flexibility within the team

3)Grace and love for one another

4)Strength both physical and spiritual


6) Continued health

7) We have our first kids club tomorrow! Pray for lots of kids and for many to come to know Christ

8)pray for us to remember every Spanish word, phrase, or sentence that we’ve ever learned or haven’t learned (God can do anything!)

9)Peace for our family members at home

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