God is so good!

just finished teaching Acts 22 this morning and then the class went up to the cross. The cross is about a 20 foot cement cross high on a hill overlooking Antigua. From that vantage point you can see almost the entire city and the two volcanoes that are on the outskirts of the city. I always get such a heart for the lost and hurting as I look down upon the streets below. So many living in abject poverty, so many without a relationship with Christ yet thinking their religion will save them.

We had gone up to the cross with thevIgnite students to do as Paul said in Philippians 3, forget what lies behind. They had come to give The Lord their past hurts, failures, bitterness and unforgiveness. As they went off to pray, each one came back one by one to place their concerns at the foot of the cross. Now they were ready to move forward. Please continue to pray for students as they near the end of their training. They will return October 4th to their homes for 10 days before going back out to their assignment in the field for another six months. Pray for them as they return home many of them with relationships to mend and friendships to end.

It has been such a fruitful and blessed time as we got speak into their lives through the teaching of God’s word and one on one ministry. Thank you for your prayers for us and please continue to pray for Pastor Jim and Patti Randall, Matt and Brooke McClain and all the staff and students.

See you all Sunday.

Pastor Gary and Carol

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