Prayer for Pastor Dan in Iruma, Japan

Hello everyone, Long time no email?
This is just a quick note to ask for prayer: The beginning of November pray for Rachel who has her yearly biopsy on November 10 but she goes into the hospital from Nov. 7 until the 11th for routine testings. Pray for the hospital stay to be a pleasant one and pray for a great biopsy. Pray for opportunities to witness to the doctors and nurses. Please pray for the Pastors Conference in Japan 3-5 in Okutama. Pray for the speakers. Pray for a fresh anointing on all who attend especially me. I get spent and need to recharge. Mihoko has been leading a Bible Study for parents in Japanese at the kids school CAJ. It has been growing. Please pray for the salvation of two Indian ladies who will come to the Bible study. Pray for fruit to come out of the homeless ministry. We are giving them some winter clothes this week during our weekly bread distribution. I feel like I am saying be warm and filled but they are so empty and without Christ. As we share with them they are resistant and seem to enjoy their lifestyle. Pray for vision of what to do with these lost souls. I really need the Holy Spirit to touch them and me, it is beyond me and I have no power to convert them. Pray for the seeds of the gospel to sink in and for them to humble themselves and ask for help. Rachel has been playing volleyball at school and this Saturday she will be in the grand final tournament. They will play several other international schools here in Japan. She has been moved up to setter and is enjoying the sport. Lastly, pray for the salvation of Japan. Japan needs a Savior as much as we did and do. Pray for an awakening. Thank you for your prayers. God bless

Dan and Mihoko

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