Update from the Uganda Team

This trip to Uganda has been such a blessing in so many ways. The team has blessed me considerably as their leader because of their flexibility, servant’s heart and love for everyone. The churches at Calvary Chapel of Sorotti and Calvary Chapel of Midigo are so blessed by everyone on the team. We have seen The Lord move so mightily to bring people here to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Everywhere we have gone the Holy Spirit has gone before us. yesterday we were in the town of Koballa and a woman stopped us on the street asking us to pray for her. She said that she was an alcoholic and could not stop drinking. She had recently lost a son to an illness and did not want to live. As we shared the Gospel with her other people started to gather around and we had an impromptu outreach. The woman and four others gave their life to Christ. Today we went with CC Midigo to do a mobile medical clinic. This is the clinic that is supported by our church. We saw more than 200 patients and almost all of them accepted The Lord! Tonight we graduated 15 students from the School Discipleship. When they received their diiplomas they each shared about how God used the school to transform their walk with The Lord. This is the program that students can watch live online. Muslims, anamists and religious all are accepting Jesus invitation to be washed clea! Praise The Lord.

God has worked so many miracles on this trip it is hard to keep track of them all.

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