Fabian and Jessica update

You can visit http://fabsandjess.com/villavicencio/


We have been here in Villavicencio for more than a week and it has been a good time.

The move was a bit of an adventure. After the company picked up our stuff and left they called saying that they wanted more money and if we didn’t pay then they would not bring us our stuff. Basically they wanted a bribe on top of what we were already paying, we don’t pay bribes so we said no and Fabian had to get the police involved but we got everything to Villavicencio. Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying!

God have given us a church that we are attending and we feel it is the place where God want us to be. Also we are praying for taking the opportunity of leading the youth group, it will be a new challenge for us. Please pray for that.

The Bible College will start next 14 February and we are really excited, just to take the opportunity to learn and be better prepared on teach the Word of God. Until the Bible College starts we are just adapting to the city (it is really hot here), learning the public transportation, where to market, getting to know the neighborhood, and making new friends. In this new process God has been really faithful to us and we have seen how God has been opening doors for us. Thank you so much for everyone who has been praying for us in this new process. Thank you for praying for new friends and family here in Villavicencio, God has answer those prayers we have begun to make friends now and we feel really blessed by them.

Last week we have the opportunity to visit an indigenous tribe called the WALABOS, a 4 hour drive into the prairie. This area used to be a Red Zone here in Colombia, but the Pastor of our church has contacts there. We went with Samaritan’s Purse to hand out Christmas boxes. We have the opportunity to get know the village and also had a program for the kids. Jessica and I did some songs and we helped them organize the program and hand out gifts.

Prayer request:

We talked to a lady who works in the slums here in Villavicencio and we would like to help her, but we are praying for God guidance and an answer from Him to take this step.

Leading the youth group in the church.

For the start of the Bible College.

Provision to buy a car.

That the ants would stay outside (Jessica’s request)

Continued guidance for ministry.

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us! We love you and pray for you!

Fabian and Jessica

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