Prayer Request from Alex and Lindsay Spaminato in York, UK

A quick update for all of you praying for us there! Yesterday we received an email from Dave, the pastor of Calvary Chapel York. They have been working to understand the reasons behind the revocation of their sponsorship license. Long story short, they have done everything the government has asked for years now, never with any problem, but this year something changed. York is now trying to find out why there are issues from them doing what the government told them to do in the first place. All that being said, they MAY have the opportunity to present a case that could lead to the reinstatement of their licence!

The Lord is working! Keep praying for Him to do His will and open doors no man can shut. For us, it was confirmed that we will receive a personal letter from the government and our 60 days will start from then, meaning Alex will be able to make his appointment at the Italian Embassy! That’s another huge prayer answered! Now we are just praying for papers to arrive beforehand and for him to find favour with who he is interviewed by and that he can walk out with a passport!

Please share this with everyone if you would! I know Alex’s parents were at church last weekend and filled John in a bit, but this is a big answer even to what they told him then.

Thanks guys! See you sometime this spring/summer!
Lindsay Spampinato

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