Prayer Update from the Cates in Brazil

We have been super busy here, but that’s a good thing I guess. The water crisis hasn’t been a problem yet for us, it just made our water bill more expensive. It’s mostly up north in São Paulo and Rio that is really bad.
I don’t know if you have seen our latest video from our blog, but we are adopting again, and we would appreciate prayer especially for that. The process of adoption in Brazil is a little different and it seem to depend mostly on the judge you get and how he is feeling that day if he wants to approve us. We are also praying for finances as we will have to pay for a lawyer and for all the documents and translations.
Other things to be praying for are:
– our family during this transition
– church unity
– we are starting a new midweek bible study in downtown(about 45 minutes from our church).
– upcoming discipleship school we are preparing to do.

To see our latest updates you can check out our blog

Blessings, Nate

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