4 March, 2015 16:29

Missions Prayer Requests


· ALIVE/EASTER: pray for people to surrender their lives to Jesus, pray for protection and safety over those working the event & over the building (JSerra Catholic High School). Pray for all the logistics that need to be completed before the events.

· Mexico Mission Trip (March 14th): pray for God’s work to be done, for the safety of those traveling down to Mexico, for them to be able to do God’s work in Mexico and that souls would be saved. Pray for CC Tijuana that they would be strengthened to continue to do God’s work

· Armor of Light Outreach (April 9): We will be taking a team down to Camp Pendelton to host the meal for the HMMT 164 Change of Command ceremonies. Pray that this will be an opportunity to introduce our ministry to the incoming commanding officer and staff as well as continued opportunities to share the Gospel with the Marines.

Sarah Bachelder- Montana

· Has been sick with a cold for 4 weeks now; pray for healing as she does a lot of physical labor

· Prayer for patience and self control as she learns to do her office job (thrives in the outdoor conditions but is struggling with sitting in an office all day twice a week.

· Pastor Steve Venable; for him to continue to trust the Lord as he is going through treatment

· Pray the ice will melt so they can continue to exercise the horses and have camp (can’t ride the horses on icy ground so they have to cancel their camps if there is ice)


Denise Carlsen – Yei, Sudan

· Gods clear direction, protection and finances.

· That the Lord would open the perfect home and training facilities.

· That the Biblical Trauma Counseling and Women’s Counseling will be a blessing for the Churches.

· Pray the Women’s Small Bible Studies multiply as they have at the border.

· Pray for the thousands of children that have been kidnapped for solider’s be released and that the Churches be ready to help.

Pastor Charles Jjagwe- Midigo, Uganda

· PRAISE: The prison outreach last week was full of miracles; the Muslim soldier allowed us into the prison to share the Word of God and treat the sick and seven inmates gave their lives when they heard the Gospel!

· Pray that the new converts will stand and grow in their new faith. Pray for courage, wisdom and protection as we follow-up these new converts.

· Pray for open doors of evangelism to the high schools in Yumbe. We shall be conducting out-reaches to the High schools in this month (March 2015). 97% of these schools are headed by Muslim leaders who had previously refused us to reach these schools.

· Pray for God’s wisdom upon me and their entire leadership.

· Pray for the Married fellowship on Friday 6th March 2015. Pray that the Lord will strengthen the spouses to live above reproach and getting committed to each other by breaking through cultural practices and traditions that do not bring glory to Christ.

· Pray for hospital ministry on Thursday

· Pray for God’s provision of the individual and ministry needs.

Pastor Juventine Emuku- CC Soroti

· For our Men’s ministry. The person who has been leading the men will be relocating to another place. Pray that God will raise up another faithful man

· Pray for the children’s ministry for more laborers. We reached 150 children last week and we have only 2 teachers. Pray that God will bring more teachers and provide for children’s bibles

· Pray for our community. There is a lot of drunkenness and witchcraft. Many are religion. Pray that God will give us boldness to continue to preach the gospel.

· Pray for the hospital, for medicines and that we can continue to grow this ministry.

· Pray for my family for protection and provision.


Dan and Mihoko Bolinger – Iruma, Japan

· Pray that God would be glorified in all that we do; strengthen them against the devil and his schemes; fill us with your Holy Spirit and use us as your instruments; Fill Mihoko with peace and joy

· For the Lord to lead and guide our children and protect them from the world; Anoint Jane (daughter) and help her to depend on the Lord; Protect them from illness and bring them home to visit family

· Provide new students for English school

Tim & Steve – Asia

· Pray for friend Lily that she would become a believer

· Pray for Lily’s hometown that they would be able to reach her entire family (half of the village are already believers)

· Steve- If you would, you could put my health on the list for weekly discussion. I have crohn’s disease (going on 25 years now)…sometimes this effects me more than others. Been encouraged over the last year to continue to ask for healing. Thanks!

· Looking for a place to rent for their ministry; a new building was just dropped in their lap and owner is interested in renting to them

· Wanting to know if God is in this location and do everything for His glory. Ask how they can best use the area and how to get the business up and running.


Alex and Lindsay Sampinato – Mansfield, England

· God would grant favor with whomever Alex meets with at the embassy on the March 12th and he is granted citizenship that same day. We are praying he walks out with a passport. It’s possible, but not likely, but our God is proving He is the God of the impossible for His glory!

· Wisdom for when to buy tickets back to the US. Mostly will depend on when we receive the letter.

· Wisdom for our fellowship (Calvary Chapel Mansfield) to fill roles while we are away (coffee shop, leading worship, children’s ministry)

Jake DeRose – Montebelluna, Italy

· Opportunities to evangelize the youth.

· Discipling italian bible college guys.

· Pastors for the following cities; Trento, Manfredonia and Feltre were there are small groups of believers who are asking for a Calvary pastor.

· My different Bible studies I’m teaching; youth, college, and bible school.

The Roper Family- Hamburg, Germany

· Easter Outreach Prayer Requests: pray that we receive more of God’s heart for the city of Hamburg; for the local churches in Hamburg – to be used to reach the lost with the love of Christ; for the pastors in Hamburg – to faithfully proclaim the Gospel

· New Building Search: we will be going out on Thursday (all day) looking for a new meeting location; we need wisdom, direction, and an open door; do we seek to find our own location to rent or do we continue to rent out a building on a weekly basis?

· German Drivers License & Future Car: Rebecca has her final test on March 12th, Joey has his final test on March 17th; Pray that we past this test; Pray for provision for a vehicle for us as a family

· Discipleship Groups: Pray for us as we are currently going through the book of Romans; We have 4 small groups going – 2 women + 2 men groups: pray for a continual work of the Holy Spirit in each individuals life


Nathan & Danielle Cate – Florianopolis, Brazil

· We are in the process of adopting our 9th child, a Brazilian baby that will be born in this month. We ask for prayer for the process, especially all the bureaucracy here in Brazil.

· Direction for some new opportunities in ministry that the Lord is putting before us.

· More solid leaders to be raised up within the church.

· Continued unity and growth in the church body.

Fabian and Jessica – Villavicencio, Colombia

· We are trying to get our medical insurance transferred from Bogota to Villavicencio. After a few trips to the office we were able to put in the official request yesterday. Please pray that it is approved. I am not sure why times so complicated but it is. They told us that we should know within 10 days.

· Wisdom and knowledge to understand God’s Word

· Jessica to be able to understand Spanish for her classes.

• For the salvation of Camilo and the lifeguard.

• Leading a youth group with some nonbelievers; pray for salvation of the youth


Cal and Jessie Stuebner – Managua, Nicaragua

· An electrician to make repairs at the school.

· Our two new teachers to integrate well and minister God’s love to the children.

· Provision for the ministry.

· Our youth group seems to be under spiritual attack, pray for the Lord’s grace to be upon them.

· Health: Jessie has had bronchitis for almost two months.

· Wisdom to make decisions and counsel for Cal.

· Time efficiency for Cal since this is a busy season.

Jim Randall – Guatemala

· Wisdom and grace to lead down here; team unity

· Continued favor in the school system ( currently teaching English to 1900 kids a week)

· Resources to keep property up.( Built in 1885); favor in the community- very large % are Catholic

· Above all people to come to know Christ and grow in grace

· Eduardo – a man I prayed with this morning who needs the Lord and is open.

Rebecca Kusunoki- Guatemala

· Pray for her and her team to finish the Ignite program well. They are nearing the end of their service and finding it hard to concentrate on the work they still have left to do.

Chris Martinez – Tijuana, Mexico

· Pastor Federico has black mold in his home- son is asthmatic; pray for a solution to the mold & provision for them in their home

· Chaplains training program; new construction projects (classrooms, office, lobby)

· Out reach on the 14th – salvation of souls; New discipleship programs (both have just begun and we could really use some prayer

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