Prayer for a Missionary in Tonga

Dear Friends,

URGENT PRAYER REQ – please PRAY for our daughter, Deanna Grace, age 6.. All Last Week She sufferred from some kind of a Nasal Infecttion which her Nose was Swollen and then Since Her Ears Are Stopped up and are in pain. The Weird Thing is Her Body Temp.
She is “OK” by the Thermometer (her Head etc) But Her Body /Skin Temp is HOT….

Also there is a Dengue Fever Going Around that a Little Girl aged 7 Died from That. From our Area prob 1 mile Away anyway…

PRAISE – We found a local lady who does a Tongan “treatment” of the Large Pimple like small like a Boil inside the Nose. Then the Swelling Went Down, and Yesterday Deanna had her normal Energy. Singing Playing etc…
Then, last night the Ears and the Hot temp came back…

Anyway –Deanna — is a Strong/ Fighter for JESUS. So Anyway We Didnt Want to Bother You Guys are So BUSY there is the USA,

We wanted to Let the Lord do Everything As Best We Can We Dont Want People Worrying for ourselves –ONly To PLS PRAY for REVIVAL IN TONGA !!!


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