Prayer Requests from our Missionaries


  • ALIVE/EASTER: pray for people to surrender their lives to Jesus, pray for protection and safety over those working the event & over the building (JSerra Catholic High School). Pray for all the logistics that need to be completed before the events.
  • Armor of Light Outreach (April 9): We will be taking a team down to Camp Pendelton to host the meal for the HMMT 164 Change of Command ceremonies. Pray that this will be an opportunity to introduce our ministry to the incoming commanding officer and staff as well as continued opportunities to share the Gospel with the Marines.

Sarah Bachelder- Montana

  • Prayer for patience and self control as she learns to do her office job (thrives in the outdoor conditions but is struggling with sitting in an office all day twice a week.
  • Pastor Steve Venable; for him to continue to trust the Lord as he is going through treatment
  • Pray the ice will melt so they can continue to exercise the horses and have camp (can’t ride the horses on icy ground so they have to cancel their camps if there is ice)


Denise Carlsen – Yei, Sudan

  • Gods clear direction, protection and finances.
  • We will need an affordable building in town. The need is huge, in the new country. Please pray for the building and for the finances to open and operate it.
  • That the Biblical Trauma Counseling and Women’s Counseling will be a blessing for the Churches.
  • Pray the Women’s Small Bible Studies multiply as they have at the border.

Pastor Charles Jjagwe- Midigo, Uganda

  • More open doors of sharing the gospel to the schools that we shall be reaching in the next two weeks
  • Sports ministry in the month of April and May 2015. We use the soccer tournament as opportunity to share the gospel to the sports men and spectators at the field
  • Fruitful Men’s prayer breakfast that was started last Wednesday. This will be a weekly event for men to come together to pray for ministry and for one another every Wednesday morning
  • Strengthened cohesion among the leaders and the entire church
  • Women Music gala due in July 2015. This will attract women from other churches and community invited to attend. Another opportunity to share the gospel
  • Provision for individual and ministry needs
  • Wisdom and God’s leading in ministry for Charles and the entire leadership team.

Pastor Juventine Emuku- CC Soroti

  • The brother who has been leading our men’s ministry leaves this week, please pray that the Lord will raise up another to continue with that ministry.
  • Bethesda hospital will make one year since we opened it on March 31st. We hope to do a medical outreach to the community. We will be doing free cervical cancer screening and at the same time preach the gospel.
  • Please pray for our staff that the Lord will give them wisdom and grace to serve the poor.
  • Pray also for God’s provision for the much needed medicine.
  • We are looking for a doctor and surgical room assistant, please pray that the Lord will bring committed christians.
  • Pray for my family. Elizabeth and i are experiencing chronic fatigue. Please pray for strength and grace.
  • We shall be doing a children’s camp in the month of April. This will focus on discipleship of the kids. We hope to host 200 children from the community. Please pray for God’s provision.


Dan and Mihoko Bolinger – Iruma, Japan

  • Calm after the storm of a problem that did not go well; New folks to join the church; Holy Spirit’s leading and anointing; Pray against the Spiritual warfare; English School New students; Upcoming Easter service; Finish the work in the sanctuary downstairs (drywall, taping, painting); Kazue is not baptized and feels like she’s not totally a Christian; Pray she will have assurance and want to be baptized; Handa san needs a job. Pray for spiritual growth; Pray for Jan Jones a 85 year old missionary.  She is getting forgetful.
  • Pray for Mr Ogino San’s salvation; Pray for Chloe’s new job and adjusting to the time changes.
  • Pray for Ryo who received food, a bike and help for his living conditions and then her disappears.
  • Pray for Mr. Yamashita san whose wife died. He is very lonely and has set up an alter to pray to her. He needs salvation. Thank you all for praying.

Tim & Steve – Asia

  • I wanted to tell you all was thank you for lifting us up.  We have everything we need for documents to start the business here PTL!!!
  • Lord willing, it will be a bakery/juice bar with an area for mats for Jiu Jitsu and Wresting.  We thought we found a location, but we bid too low, so we don’t know if they will except our offer or not.  If not we need to keep looking for a place.  So please pr for us concerning this.
  • There has been a lot of fruit in the work with children they are doing.
  • The biggest opportunities here as you all may know, is teaching English or going to school, or opening a business (something that would be interesting or beneficial for people here.) We are still praying for all that it should look like.  The building may limit us, or give us more opportunity to do more, depending how it is.


Alex and Lindsay Sampinato – Mansfield, England

  • Alex was unable to apply last Thursday because of a misunderstanding of visa regulations. Without being confusing, we are asking for prayer for wisdom in what to do next. There are options with different visas, etc. but we need some clear direction and provision from The Lord.
  • Please pray for his travels, for favor with whomever he meets with, and for a decision to be granted that same day!
  • We are praying that everything can be finished by the time we leave to visit you guys in May.

Jake DeRose – Montebelluna, Italy

  • Discipling the Italian guys here at the college and church.
  • Making more relationship with the people in the community.
  • Week trip with Pastor Craig in the south of Italy to work with and encourage and another potential church to become a Calvary.
  • Grace and strength for the youth group.

The Roper Family- Hamburg, Germany

Easter Outreach Prayer Requests : the preparation of people’s hearts to receive the Gospel message; divine appointments and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment in sharing the Gospel; for family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to come to the Easter service; for the church body in CityLight & the youth that we will be hosting from CC Herborn that will be a part of this outreach; pray for the 9 youth/leaders that will be coming from CC Herborn to join us in this weekend outreach; pray for health and for good weather!

  • New Building Search: we have begun the search: Pray for an openness from the owner for a church to rent from them- we are meeting tomorrow (this is a really big prayer request)
  • Discipleship Groups: pray for us as we will be going out onto the streets these next few weeks – sharing the gospel & inviting people to our Easter Service
  • Youth Retreat: Joey will be teaching this weekend March 27-29 for the CC Herborn youth retreat and will be bringing 3 of the youth from our church as well. There will be between 40-50 people there. The theme is Discipleship


Nathan & Danielle Cate – Florianopolis, Brazil

  • We are in the process of adopting our 9th child, a Brazilian baby that will be born in this month. We ask for prayer for the process, especially all the bureaucracy here in Brazil.
  • Direction for some new opportunities in ministry that the Lord is putting before us.
  • More solid leaders to be raised up within the church.
  • Continued unity and growth in the church body.

Fabian and Jessica – Villavicencio, Colombia

  • Energy and wisdom in our studies!
  • health insurance: We do not have an answer yet but hopefully we will know in the next few days. Thank you for praying.


Cal and Jessie Stuebner – Managua, Nicaragua

  • Please pray for our health. There are a lot of illnesses going around, some of them semi-serious, like Chichungunya and bronchitis.
  • Please pray for God to continue to bless our marriage. Our sixth anniversary is coming soon!
  • Please pray for mercy from customs agents as Jessie’s dad arrives on April 1 with a fairly large assortment of science supplies, including animal specimens for dissection.
  • Please pray for Cal to have wisdom as he manages the church and the school, and for Jessie to have wisdom in dealing with her students.

Calvary Chapel Managua:

  • Please pray that we are able to get the new AC units running quickly (because April is the hottest month of the year here).
  • Please pray that God provides someone great with computers and knowledgeable about Ubuntu that can work with the server at the church.
  • Please pray for a medical outreach coming up in April, that souls will be saved as well as bodies attended to.
  • Please pray for more people to be raised up to lead our youth group and Sunday school classes.
  • Please pray for Ana Barboza, one of the teachers at the school, as she is having heart troubles.
  • Please pray for our student sponsorship program to continue to grow.
  • Please pray for our congregation. Many are struggling with illnesses; and please also pray for the marriages within our church
  • Please pray for the people from our church and from our neighborhood to come to a healthy understanding of the grace offered by the Gospel; we seem to be regularly battling some fairly intense legalism that can drive some people away.

Jim Randall – Guatemala

  • Wisdom and grace to lead down here; team unity
  • Continued favor in the school system (currently teaching  English to 1900 kids a week)
  • Resources to keep property up.( Built in 1885); favor in the community- very large % are Catholic
  • Above all people to come to know Christ and grow in grace
  • Eduardo – a man I prayed with this morning who needs  the Lord and is open.

Rebecca Kusunoki- Guatemala

  • Pray for her and her team to finish the Ignite program well.  They are nearing the end of their service and finding it hard to concentrate on the work they still have left to do.

Chris Martinez – Tijuana, Mexico

  • Pastor Federico has black mold in his home- son is asthmatic; pray for a solution to the mold & provision for them in their home
  • Chaplains training program; new construction projects (classrooms, office, lobby)
  • Out reach on the 14th – salvation of souls; New discipleship programs (both have just begun and we could really use some prayer)

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