Missions Prayer Requests for 04/22/15


Steve Bailey and Rick Houston – Uganda

  • Please pray; they are headed to Uganda at the end of May.  They are going to help Bethel Hospital in Sorotti and Midigo Hospital with the new equipment that is enroute to them by sea container.
  • Also pray that the container will arrive on time or even early.  It has been delayed over a month so far and we just got word that it will be delayed another week to May 6th.
  • It is critical that the equipment is there before our team gets there.

Denise Carlsen – South Sudan

  • God is answering the prayers to open the women’s center! It just looks a little different- I believe we have a training center and house in a gated compound in a tiny little border town in N Uganda where I am also working with women’s groups for Bible studies, leadership, as well as working with many Sudanese refugee girls.
  • There are many pockets in this area where the government and military of South Sudan have stashed their children for safety.
  • This town is being taken over by the Muslims just like the rest of the Northern border is. The place is also riddled with Polygamy, Witchcraft, Domestic Violence, Alcoholism & Addictions, Tribal War- killings with bows/arrows and spears, and more!
  • I am signing the lease for the compound as soon as it has running water- God willing.

Pastor Charles Jjagwe- Midigo, Uganda

  • Hunger and Thirst for the Lord in the whole church. We need revival in prayer lives of the church
  • Wisdom, love and patience among the ministry leaders
  • Provision for the purchase of more school land as we need infrastructure for the High school by the year 2017
  • Another classroom block for the Primary school
  • Continued faithfulness of teachers in sharing the gospel with the school children
  • God to provide more mature Christian teachers
  • Fruitful Medical outreach program
  • Pray for Charles to have God’s wisdom and strength as he supervises the different ministries
  • God to use the women Music and Dance ministry in reaching the community with the Gospel of Christ
  • Effective Sports activities during the early month of May 2015. There will be soccer competitions in the villages with the aim of preaching the gospel to the players and spectators
  • Continued weekly men prayer breakfast to enable men opportunity to pray for ministries, families and for one another
  • Prison Medical Outreach Tomorrow, on Thursday 16th April.

Pastor Juventine Emuku- CC Soroti

  • Praise report! We have received the money needed to buy all the medicines and supplies to open the operating theatre.
  • Pray for the children’s ministry as we have more than 250 children coming and we lost our children’s ministry coordinator..
  • We hope to do a medical outreach to the community. We will be doing free cervical cancer screening and at the same time preach the gospel.
  • Please pray for our staff that the Lord will give them wisdom and grace to serve the poor.
  • We are looking for a doctor and surgical room assistant, please pray that the Lord will bring committed Christians.
  • Pray for my family. Elizabeth and i are experiencing chronic fatigue. Please pray for strength and grace.
  • Pray for my interview with the US Embassy in the coming weeks as I apply for a visa to come to the US for the Pastor’s Conference in July.
  • We shall be doing a children’s camp in the month of April. This will focus on discipleship of the kids. We hope to host 200 children from the community. Please pray for God’s provision.



Dan and Mihoko Bolinger – Iruma, Japan

  • Pray for Mihoko as she has to give the devotion in the international group of people she prays with at the kids school. The devotional times by other folks are not Biblical.
  • Pray all goes well and they honor the Word of God.
  • Pray for the discernment, strength, wisdom and grace to be able to juggle the things on our plate.

Tim & Steve – Asia

  • Pray for continued open doors for ministry here in Asia.
  • Pray for protection from those would like to stop the work.
  • Pray for continued opportunities to share the Gospel.



Alex and Lindsay Spampinato- Mansfield, England

  • Pray that we’d be able to touch base with our new sponsor for our visas, and all the needed paperwork would be completed.
  • Pray for wisdom for us and for the church here as to whether or not to keep our outreach-based coffee shop open and for more volunteers if we are supposed to stay open.
  • Our church may be merging with another local smaller church and meeting in the building that they own! We will be starting a “trial” month the first Sunday of May, so wisdom if we should carry on and for a smooth transition. It’s a very exciting season with a lot of potential. We can share more clearly when we visit on Wednesday night service on May 6th. Can’t wait to se you all!


Jake DeRose – Montebelluna, Italy

  • Leading college group this sat.
  • Wisdom on leading youth group.
  • Knowing God’s will.
  • Finishing semester of Bible college well.
  • All the relationships I have here.
  • Salvation of Chris F.



Fabian and Jessica – Villavicencio, Colombia

  • Praise! Jessica has been able to understand her classes and has received perfect grades on her tests!
  • Next week we are going to El Secreto (in the jungle) to the main Bible College campus here in Colombia to take a class for 2 weeks with a Pastor from Peru. Please pray for safe travels and a blessed time studying and with the other students.
  • We were invited to go on a weekend missions trip to a town called Yopal with the pastor from Peru. We aren’t really sure what we will be doing but pray for guidance, wisdom, boldness, and opportunities to serve and share with the locals
  • We are still working on our insurance transfer but still no answers. Please continue to pray that is gets resolved soon especially since Fabian hurt his knee (we don’t know how) and if it doesn’t get better and the transfer doesn’t go through he will need to go to Bogota to go to the doctor.
  • Please pray for Colombia, last week 10 soldiers were killed by the FARC and since then there has been a bit of unrest in the people, canceled the cease fire that they had reached with the FARC, and peace talks are in limbo right now. Also since then attacks from the ELN (paramilitaries) have increased. We are fine where we are, just some small protests



Cal and Jessie Stuebner – Managua, Nicaragua

  • Please pray for the Lord to send more missionaries and/or raise up more leaders to work with the youth now that John Scelsi is gone.
  • Please pray for our youth group. Some might be a little discouraged since John left.
  • Please pray for the bakery since they lost a good customer but continue to struggle on.
  • Please pray for our health, both Jessica and myself might be a little anemic, plan to see the Dr. soon.
  • Praise: all a/c units installed and working at the school.
  • The Lord did many works during the medical outreach last week.


Jim Randall – Guatemala

  • Wisdom and grace to lead down here; team unity
  • Continued favor in the school system (currently teaching English to 1900 kids a week)
  • Resources to keep property up.( Built in 1885); favor in the community- very large % are Catholic
  • Please pray for our 17 students who are going through their reentry training in  Montana.
  • Pray for our 12 students who left this week for Cambodia, Africa, Guatemala.
  • For the McCooks as they continue the work in Guatemala
  • For the Dreys as they have returned to Guatemala from their visit home

Rebecca Kusunoki – Guatemala

  • Pray for her time of reentry in Montana. That she will learn all that God has for her to learn.
  • Pray for her return home to CCSJC on May 1st that God will equip and prepare her for what is ahead.
  • Pray for the patience to wait on Him for direction.
  • Pray for the adjustment of being back home after being gone for 10 months.



Sarah Bachelder- Pottersfield Ministries in Montana

  • Pray that she will learn all that God has for her during her time up in Montana. She is out of her element but wants to finish well.
  • Pray that she will have a blessed trip home as she comes home for her mom’s graduation from college.
  • Pray for God’s direction on what the next step is for her ministry wise.
  • Pastor Steve Venable; for him to continue to trust the Lord as he is going through ALS treatment

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