Mission to Nepal


Steve Bailey and i are in the passenger lounge at LAX as I write this waiting to board our flight to Guangchou, China. From there we will connect to a flight to Kathmandu, Nepal. The death toll so far has exceeded 6,000 people and our missionaries on the ground said that the scene is chaotic and heartbreaking. Whole villages have been wiped out and aid has been slow in coming mostly due to official delays. We have had our own set of attacks from the start. At our check in they would not allow us to carry our fragile solar water filters on board so we had to pay to check them. They would not give us any discounts on excess baggage and charged us exorbitantly for every bag extra. The bags were full of gear for us and the people on the ground.

We are traveling to join the team from Promise Child to help them to do an assessment of the situation on the ground and prepare for future teams and aid.

Please pray for:

1. Traveling mercies for Steve and I. We have 22 hours of travel ahead of us.
2. Pray for the flight into Nepal to be on time as others have experienced long delays and rerouting.
3. Pray for our time passing through Customs and Immigration that we will be able to flow through without a problem.
4. Pray for the team that will be joining as they begin the process of intelligence gathering, and resource gathering.
5. Pray for the missionaries and nationals there in Nepal as they deal with the daily heartache and devastation that surrounds them.
6. Pray that our time will be effective for the Gospel and that we will be able to demonstrate the love of Christ while we set up the on-going relief effort.

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