Update from Kathmandu, Nepal

Steve and i are just finishing our first day in Nepal. We hit the ground running this morning after we landed. Pastor Brent Kaser our team leader who heads Promise Child ministries met us at the airport with his staff. After lunch and unloading our 9 bags of gear and supplies we headed out to survey some of the local areas that had been hard hit by the devastating earthquake a little over a week ago. While some areas of Kathmandu looked relatively unscathed other areas were overwhelmingly destoyed. House looked as if some giant foot had come down on them smashing them to splinters. In one small neighborhood 20 people had died.

We visited a small village outside the city and found about 85 families that were running out of food and had not tarps to cover their make shift shelters from the monsoonal rains that are just beginning. In another makeshift tent about 50 feet long we were told that more than 60 people were living in that tent. Nepal was already a desperately poor country before the earthquake, now they are in dire straits. Tomorrow we are scheduled to bring in over a ton of food to the village for distribution with the bible college students, one of who lives in there. Of the 200 people living in the village about 70 were Christians. We are going to do good to those who are of the household of God and at the same time share the love of Christ with those who don’t know him.

We have a very busy week ahead of us, meeting with the UN, the US military and others who are working here as well as getting out to some of the hardest hit areas close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Please pray for:

1. Wisdom and discernment on where and when to give aid.
2. Continued unity on the team.
3. Divine appointments with those who are willing to work with us.
4. That the hearts of the people we will be ministering to will be open to the Gospel.

Pastor Gary

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