Prayer for Our Team

Steve and I just sent out an away team to a remote village about 4 hours drive that until yesterday was almost completely cut off from the outside world. This village is where one of the bible college students live and that last word they had from her was that her home had been completely destroyed. We helped to brief and equip the team yesterday and sent them out with over a ton of food and 90 large tarps.

It was hard to see them go and have to stay behind but we know that God has called us to a support/administrative/logistic role. We are working today to secure flights and cargo to one of the remote villages that I told you about. This is critical as this area is only accessible by helicopter.

Pray for safe travels and fruitful ministry for the team in the field as well as success for us in getting the supplies and transport for this vulnerable area.

Pray for the people. Seeing them bowing down to there God’s of wood, stone and metal is so heart breaking. They need Jesus. Pray that we will be a bold witness for Him.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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