Prayer for Nepal

Please be in prayer for our team as we respond to the most recent earthquake in Nepal. Today’s 7.3 magnitude hit the already quake ravaged nation impacting our team here on the ground. Steve Bailey, Pankaj Sarkar and I were at a remote village named Swara some 3.5 miles from the epicenter of the original earthquake on April 25th. We had been flown in early that morning and we’re spending time teaching some of the new believers from John 1. We had taken a break and were just finishing lunch when the ground beneath us began to roll. The quake grew stronger seeming to last for a minute. We were perched on the side of a terraced hillside and the locals began to yell at us to come up because they were afraid of landslides. During our time there 13 people accepted Christ. Where on Sunday there were no believers in this village now there are 14 including the two village elders.

Meanwhile our team in Kathmandu endured more violent shaking then we did out in the field. They immediately ran out of the bible college building. Pastor Brent from Promise Child made sure all the students were secure and then a group of them began to minister in one of the neighborhoods that we had conducted and outreach last week. They passed out tarps and went house to house making sure all were okay. During this time they were able to pray with two people who accepted the Lord.

Pray for our team. We will continue to help with the relief effort and may do some search and rescue. Pray for wisdom and effectiveness. Also pray for our witness as we work alongside Nepali police. Pray for the bible college students who are spending the night in a large field because they are understandably afraid of being inside a building. Pray for the new believers that have come to the Lord in Swara and Kathmandu.

We just received word that a US Marine Corp helicopter is missing in Nepal. As we flew in on our helicopter this evening we saw the Marine chopper taking off. There were 8 on board. We have a real peace as do our wives and families. I know that this is due to all your prayers. Don’t stop!

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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