Prayer Request from Dan Bolinger in Japan

Hello guys,

Here are our latest requests:
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for praying. Well after 14 years of service our projector light bulb finally burned out. As I price bulbs vs new projectors I am faced with a challenge. Pray that I make a good decision and provision. We need a new washing machine pray the Lord provides. Pray for the VBS we are planning in July. The theme and activities and teaching and all. My son Nathan has signed up to be a Camp counselor with a local camp. Pray he serves with excellence his campers. Pray for the Lord to touch him in a great way. Jane our youngest will be at the second camp as a camper. Pray she too is ministered to by the Lord. I often deeply pray for my kids who are PK’s Mk’s and third culture kids. It is a challenge for them as they grow to sort out their personal world view. Pray for them to cling to a Biblical world view. There is the Japanese, American, Biblical, and international school views that often don’t line up. Pray for the kids Summer school coming up. Pray for a Mrs. Watanabe (30 something) She went in not feeling well to a clinic and discovered cancer spreading through out her G.I tract. She is not a Christian and she does not come to church. Pray for yer healing and salvation. Pray for Spiritual out pouring, pray for grace and provision through out the summer. Pray for my Sisters visit with her husband in July to be a fun relaxing time. Pray for continued health, and language study desire. Lately, I Dan have not had any desire to study Japanese. I wanted to sign up for the national test and found I missed the cut off date. Pray we grow not weary in well doing and remain faithful to what the Lord has for us. Pray I stop being an emotional basket case. I’m looking down the barrel of my 50th in August and there is unrest in my heart. It’s rooted in selfish desire to have had achieve several goals that are farther away now than ever. These are not goals from Jesus but personal achievements that I’m just being a baby about. God is in control but I have moments where I feel like a loser. Notice I didn’t say all the time but moments. It is satanic and not of God just pray for protection and Spirit leading. God bless you all thanks for praying.

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