Update from Steve Bailey in Nepal

Here is a prayer update from Streve Bailey:

Today I met with Joshi, the Deputy Inspector General of the Nepali National Police. There are only two position above Joshi to the Chief of Police in Nepal, the Top Cop so to speak. We met Joshi shortly after our arrival in Nepal during our Disaster Assessment and Response Team trip here in May. Pastor Gary and I met him at a Military/Civilian Liaison Meeting hosted by the UN. There was an immediate kinship established between Joshi and the two of us. This was perhaps because Pastor Gary being a former police officer or that we were respectful to the magnitude of his role in such a disaster and were genuinely concerned for him, his officers, and the people of Nepal. Either way, we developed what had become a solid friendship. During the last mission trip to Nepal, our church was able to provide the Nepali National Police with a gift of some specialized equipment which may be used in the event of future earthquakes to assist in rescuing persons trapped in concrete structures.

I went to see Joshi today to give him and the department our sincere condolences for the loss of seven police officer killed in the line of duty two weeks ago. They were killed by a group of radical Hindus who are attempting to implement a new constitution. One of the key provisions of the new constitution would make it a crime, punishable up to 6 years in prison, to convert from the religion that one was born into another. This is largely due to many, of the Hindu religion, converting to Christianity.

During my visit, Joshi asked if Anchored International Relief was a Christian organization. I was a bit concerned that he asked the question given the climate within the country, but, I said yes, it is. He said he knew of there kinds of Christians, Catholic, Protestant, and Presbyterians (the latter made me smile). He asked me if I have been to the Vatican. I said yes, but many years ago. I said that the Vatican was the central home of Catholicism. He asked me the difference between the three kinds of Christians.

That is when the Lord opened the door to share the Gospel with him. I told him that true Christianity was about a relationship with the One True and Living God. I asked if he believed in a supreme creator. He said he did. I shared with him from the reason for the creation of man, to Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross for our iniquity, to His resurrection and eternal life with our Heavenly Father. He did not know the story and seemed very attentive throughout. I left him with him acknowledging that this is Good News Indeed and that he would seriously be seeking the truth to what I said. I was blessed to have had the Lord open that door. I know that when Pastor Gary returns later this month, he too will be able to further nurture this seed. Please be in prayer for Joshi. He is a friend, and, I know the Lord is pursuing him through the work of this ministry.

In Christ,


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