Prayer for Nepal Team

Please be in prayer for the team that is headed to Nepal on Sunday. We will be gone from 9/20 to 10/5 and are planning to go to visit the same mountain village that we have been going into since May of this year. We have seen many turn their hearts and lives to Jesus and many more that are seeking for answers and hope in this life. Prior to us getting here this area experienced the devastating 7.8 earthquake and as they were only 3.5 miles from the epicenter every building in the village was completely destroyed. Working in partnership with Promise Child ( we are helping them to rebuild their lives both physically and spiritually.

Satan has been attacking in May ways and we really need a prayer covering. Some of our team members have been experiencing severe physical attacks and the country of Nepal is experiencing landslides and civil unrest. The border with India was recently closed due to insecurity there. There is also a move among among the militant Hindus to stop the spread of Christianity throughout Nepal and they are urging the government to enforce anti-prostelytism laws.

The entire team has a peace about the trip but we would covet your prayers.

Please pray for:

1. Protection for the team in the days leading up to departure and through our return. 2. Protection for our loved ones who are staying behind.
3. Traveling mercies for the long flights ahead of us.
4. Safe travel in the plane and helicopter.
5. Unity and oneness of heart, mind and purpose for the team from the U.S. and our staff in Nepal.

Please be in prayer for us the entire time.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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